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The Benefits of |Essential Oils|

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

   Anyone else an oily girl? As in…an essential oils girl? If you’ve been with me for awhile you’ll remember my review on this nifty product. I was just a beginner when I posted that, but somehow I have found myself on the edge of jumping into a pool of essential oils! Okay, not really, but Alexander’s mom did open my eyes to the many uses of them. So I thought I would share! I should note I do not endorse using essential oils in any way to replace your medicine. You should always talk to a doctor about that sort of thing.


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Essential Oils Carrier Stick Review!

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this wonderful carrier stick! A carrier stick is for those of us that use essential oils! Oils can be used just as a perfume, but they also have health benefits that vary based on which oil you choose!


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