FabFitFun Review! |Sponsored Post|

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I’ve got a surprise for you! FabFitFun sent me their fall box to review, and it has a ton of goodies in it! If you don’t know FFF is a subscription box, but it comes seasonally. You pay a little bit more at $49.99 but get a ton of full size stuff for a $200 value! But don’t worry I’ve got a coupon code ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s all centered around fitness, beauty, and being an awesome you! I’m super stoked I got the fall box because guess what…I love fall! Well what we consider fall..because I had to drive around to find a park that actually had leaves on the ground. GAH. Keep reading to see what’s in this season’s box!


The box is made to be colored! Isn’t that cute?!

First things first! You get a hand dandy pamphlet that details all the products and what they are worth! It also tells you how to wear the scarf that came in this box (more on that later) and the charity you supported!

I received this night serum (full size!), baby wipes, and this adorable coffee cup!

Next up I opened this super cool little sponge! It’s basically a loofa that has a super luxurious body wash already in it! You can reuse it after the body wash is gone too! I love ths shape, and this would be great for travel!

I received a brow gel, and at first I was grumpy. Why you ask? Because I thought it was colored! As a redhead nothing really matches your brows, and I doubted they had taken my minority into consideration. I was happy to find out that it’s actually a clear brow gel! Score! There was also deodorant, and a lavender body oil! I actually really dislike the smell of lavender, so I gave it to my grandmother! She likes it though. The info says you can use it all over your hair and body as a moisturizer!

Aren’t these toe socks adorable?! They’re super textured, which makes them great for yoga!


Next up was this palette! And I’m going to say this is a pretty good dupe for the infamous ‘naked’ palettes. The shades are decent quality, AND you get a coupon for their site! So that’s pretty cool! I would definitely recommend the Pure Cosmetics line!




Lastly! The best items! To go with the box you get a coloring book and pencils! I love the message behind the colored pencils, and it makes relaxing while coloring that much better! I think I’m going to cut out pages and stick them in my Bullet Journal!

And this Modcloth scarf is seriously the softest thing ever. FFF actually sends out different colors of items, so I was pleasantly surprised with getting the warmer colored scarf. I tend to shy away from reds and oranges, but this didn’t look to bad on me! It’s always awesome to find an unexpected favorite!

FabFitFun is also giving away a trip to Aruba and $5,000 in other prizes! I definitely plan on signing up to receive this box on my own in the future. You get so much, and I love that it’s coordinated with the season that’s upcoming! I can’t wait to bundle up in the scarf on my trip to New Jersey and New York City in October! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you’d like to get your own box you can use the code ‘MARIAH’ (hey that’s me!) to get $10 of a box!

OR you can check FFF out on instagram! @fabfitfun #fabfitfun #fffpartnerย 

What product would you love to try from this box? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny โค


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