OdySea Aquarium Review

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

If you’re in AZ you’ve probably heard about the newest watery attraction. Scottsdale now plays host to a new aquarium called OdySea aquarium. Some people are very upset that the aquarium was put in place, evidently because of the dolphins that it houses. Or is going to house, because they’re not in yet. There was a very vague opening date of “late summer early fall” on the website for awhile, but I love aquariums so I was willing to wait. I actually made a list of things that I thought would be good anniversary dates for Alexander to look at and he picked this too 😉 I also went to the Tampa Bay Aquarium last summer if you want to compare and contrast adventures!


*Ahem* If you’d like to donate to my new phone fund, let me know. This iPhone 4 camera is even worse for aquariums. I do apologize.

SO! Now for the overall review.

The aquarium had only been open for a week, so not everything was in place. The layout was a bit confusing, but they did manage to fit a lot of tanks in there! The dolphins had not taken up residency yet so we didn’t see them. But, I didn’t really care because I’m definitely #teamshark, which we did get to see!

Speaking of sharks, they’re kind of hidden! There are a few zebra sharks in the ray tank, and a couple little sharks in smaller tanks, but the big boys are hidden. So basically, if you want to see sharks, sea turtles or sea lions you have to ride the ‘carousel’. Yeah really. It’s basically a movie theatre that revolves really slowly. They also give you a nice little conservation speech at each tank so A+ for that OdySea! You can see the shark tank (but not the other tanks) from outside the theatre, but I’m not sure how you would walk there anyway?

They are also nicely building out the food and fun plaza. That’s not it’s real name I just make shit up okay? We saw an ice cream shop and restaurant already open. But there were also signs for a smoothie place, arcade, and music store that are going to open! I also saw a jungle gym and splash pad for the mini people. It was pretty cute.

The only negative thing I saw was that the tanks looked to be vastly overfilled. Now I will say I’m only a hobby fish owner, but I do know a bit about bio-loads and such. Alexander and I kind of assumed they overstocked so that when fish die from stress, they will still have enough. Which is kind of sad tbh. Like there were at least 8 6ft + sharks in the shark tank! And you’ll see the clown-fish insanity in a bit.




So this tank was probably 5 ft by 5ft by 5 ft and there WERE SO MANY FISH INSIDE. They were all about an inch long, but jeez there were a lot. Oh BTW, most of the fish are from breeders! I asked 😉


Look at that adorable baby!





So these are the sea lions! They were zooming around constantly, but we didn’t get to hang out very long since the theatre revolved :/ At one point one sea lion just randomly face planted into the ground….and stayed there. Evidently they can hold their breath for 12-15 minutes!



These little jellyfish were Alexanders favorites. They were golf ball sized, and eat algae! There were little jets in the tank and they would go flying when they hit the stream. It was pretty cute.



This shot is from inside the barrier reef tunnel! It’s actually super colorful, I just thought this shot was pretty cool. Kind of like the fishes view right? I may have had to almost lay on the ground to get this so appreciate it!



How do you know if a shark is a boy or girl? Boys have two penises that chill outside their body, so it’s pretty easy! *The more you know* That lovely lady up front is a Sand Tiger Shark, which is what I went swimming with in Florida!


And this is us! He looks cute and I’m a wreck *as per usual* We picked up our favorite spring rolls and feasted on the way to the aquarium. I’m lucky my guy likes fish as much as I do!

I hope you liked this review! What’s the best aquarium you’ve ever been to? Let me know down below! Alexander and I decided if we ever travel the world we’re going to hit all the major ones 😉

Stay Sunny ❤


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