Our First 5k! |Thoughts beforehand and fundraising|

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!
Full disclosure, the first time I wrote the title for the blog I spelled first F R I S G. So you could say it’s been an interesting day. BUT Alexander (who you’ll remember from this adorable post), Brittany and I signed up for our first 5k and it’s fast approaching! Kind of fitting with the Olympics happening right now right? Anyway! Keep reading to see my thoughts on starting running, matching shirts, and charity opportunities!


Now I have to be honest. Alexander has had a friend in town for the past week, and we haven’t run at all! Eeeek. Why is that a problem? Because as I write this it’s August 18th, and out 5k is on September 3rd. Oops.


But I’ve learned a lot about myself during our mini training. I can’t wait to see how I feel after actually participating with other people! So far I’ve learned that there’s nothing more satisfying than that all over the body runners sweat glisten thing. I feel pretty bad ass, even if we only went around the block twice.

I also learned that shoes are really important. While I’ve read countless articles on expensive running shoes, I didn’t think your footwear mattered that much. I’ve been running in a pair of Under Armour shoes that feel great squish wise,but I was definitely running incorrectly in them. I started getting a pain on the inside of my knee after running. I couldn’t walk normally the day after a run and it was really worrying me. I already knew these shoes were not cool with squatting. So I put on my weightlifting shoes…aka my low top converse and started running. They may not cost 150$, but my knee doesn’t hurt anymore! Woot woot!

Couples shirts!

On a different note I got Alexander on board to wearing cliche shirts during our race like the ones below! I just can’t figure out what ours should be? I was thinking a funny pairing. Perhaps his saying “will run for doughnuts” and mine having a doughnut on it? I’m not sure!

Give me some suggestions guys!

And finally! This 5k also has a fundraiser attached to it. We’re running to help support veterans, first responders and their families. If you’d like to donate, my goal is $100. You can find my link here! I would love your support! I know there are many people out there who need our help! Be sure to read the race’s origin story on the website. It will definitely pull on some heart strings.

What was your first race like? Let me know down below! And don’t forget the shirt suggestions 😉

Stay Sunny ❤


5 thoughts on “Our First 5k! |Thoughts beforehand and fundraising|

  1. anniebobs85

    I’m a runner too and love to hear about other peoples running goals – good luck with the 5k, I’m sure you’ll love it!



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