DIY Americana Boots

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a DIY! Well I’m baaack! After a stroll through and pinterest, I set out to make these adorable America flag boots! The best part? All the supplies maybe cost $12. Yeah that’s right! So keep reading to see how I mad these! OR If you’re not very crafty I can make you a pair! Contact me at


Alright! First things first, these are the supplies you will need!

  • Boots ( I got mine at Savers for 4 dollars! They’re even a name brand!)
  • Paint
  • Belts (I got mine at Savers! Look for different textures and sizes!)
  • Paint brushes
  • Colored String/Embroidery Floss
  • A big-ass strong needle
  • Razor blade/Exacto Knife/Scissors
  • Tassels (Optional, I got mine on sale from a craft store.)


Alright! Take your boots and lay them out. Fold over the boots and decide where you want them to end. I put a mark here with my razor blade, but your could use a pen as well.


Next, take your cutting device and cut from the top of the boot all the way down to your mark. Why I did not show this I’m not sure. Sorry! Because we’re showing off the interior of the boots it’s important to get boots that A. Don’t have a zipper (because really…why would cowboy boots have a zipper anyway?) And B. Are made or leather or at least have the same material on the inside as they have on the outside.

I know my boots took a little convincing to turn them inside out. My advice is to start from one side and work your way around! Once they’re folded they should stay like that.


Now paint your boots! I’ve seen a lot of variation on boots, but I’ve really been digging the Americana theme lately. I was okay with my stripes not being perfect so I just eyeballed them! And to be honest I used the 99 cent paint from Walmart watered down a bit. I didn’t want it to be 100% opaque, and the leather absorbed the paint a little so the water was a good idea!



Look at that thing! Home defense on lock, am I right?!


Next up after painting, and drying, is time for edges! This is optional, but I thought the touch of blue was cute. I only put stars on one boot so I liked the balance it provided. I did have to use a large, sturdy needle. So definitely get a thimble if you have soft fingers or not a lot of grip strength.

I used a blanket stitch. Am I going to teach you how to do a blanket stitch? No, because I’m horrible at it. So here’s a YouTube video to help you out. I went all the way around the edges of the boot, and double did where we cut to make sure it was sturdy.

Next up, I forgot to photograph a couple steps. GAH!


I added belts and sewed on tassels! I just think the tassels are really cute. You can see my belts aren’t matching, but I like that! A lot of ‘Coachella’ versions of these boots pile on the belts and use trim of varying textures, it ends up really cool!





How do you guys like my boots? I’m pretty proud since these were my first attempt! I can see doing them in all types of colors and patterns!

What’s the biggest DIY you’ve ever attempted? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❀


12 thoughts on “DIY Americana Boots

  1. valerie hansen

    your boots are adorable! What a great tutorial, I don’t wear cowboys boots cause they cramp my toes..but I know lots of people do and would LOOOVE this…thanks for sharing!




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