|Guest Post| Things You can do Today to Live a Healthier Tomorrow

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

 I’m pleased to welcome a guest blogger! Samantha has a wonderful fitness-based site called Ripped.me, and wanted to share her knowledge with us! I love her message of making sure our bodies are healthy and happy so they can take us into the future! Let’s welcome her to the staywithme family shall we? 🙂

Stay Sunny ❤


Health is a delicate thing and all too often we jeopardize it in pursuit of pleasure, comfort and indulgence. People who are filled with confidence have not won a genetic lottery— they have their own determination and commitment to thank. It is about the choices we make on a daily basis, and decisions that allow us to make a positive change. Do not allow today to become another defeat, fill it with small victories and turn the tide in the war for a better, healthier life.

Health essentials

Regular physical activity is the essence of wholesome living.  Exercise does not have to be a huge time-waster. One can always start small, by walking 10 minutes a day, and gradually adding a few extra minutes each day. Furthermore, today it is even possible to do online yoga training in the comfort of our home, so you are fresh out of excuses. You may also find video tutorials on meditation, another ancient practice which aids in maintaining a clear focus and melting the stress away.

These activities extend your productive years and help you remain active. Still, to make this process irreversible, we must also develop sound eating habits. You cannot go wrong with a plant-based diet packed with proteins and carbohydrates. So, reduce the amount of red meat, refined carbs, sugar and trans fats you consume. Keep a food journal in order to spur the faster weight loss process and refrain from eating too quickly, as you only overstuff yourself that way.

Figure out your daily calorie intake, and keep away from snacks that supply your body with hundreds of extra calories. A handful of nuts or a banana has a much greater nutritional value than the processed products that hold our daily lives in a firm grip. Make an effort to prepare your own food and pack it for work— this spares you excess belly fat. Do feel free to enjoy coffee, a powerful antioxidant, but try to leave out the extras.

A step in the right direction

Next, step out of your comfort zone and expand your social circle. This change is associated with a healthier, and more fulfilled way of living. Strive to reach out to like-minded people whose company you enjoy and share your interests with them.  Apart from the compassionate camaraderie, intellectual stimulation is another benefit that can be felt. Still, do not bite off more than you can chew: getting plenty of sleep and rest is paramount to leading a healthy life.

Sleeping disorders can be solved by avoiding coffee in the evening, creating bedtime rituals like reading or listening to music and doing away with tech distractions in the bedroom. Make this space a sanctuary of relaxation to soothe your soul.  Set the alarm half an hour earlier and you will be able to get through the day with a bang, and take on any obstacles that dare to stand in your way.

Tomorrow comes today


The kind of life you have always wanted is within grasp, as even the smallest of lifestyle changes make an impact on your well being. The time to step up is now, if you are to stay on the road to good health in the days to come. Cherish small moments that make life great, and dream big. Find an exercise regimen and diet that you enjoy: this improves your energy levels, and enables you to wake up with ease. Do not delay the world of tomorrow indefinitely— let it come today.

Author Bio: Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent the last two years working as a personal trainer, which has made her devote even more time to her own training as well. She has also embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere in the previous year, and has established Ripped.me with a friend. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop. She is a passionate collector of running shoes, and will never wear the same pair twice in one week.


8 thoughts on “|Guest Post| Things You can do Today to Live a Healthier Tomorrow

  1. kage2015

    Starting small like changing one or two things and really getting them down and making my lifestyle change is key for me. I gave up soda and started walking more. I have lost 35 pounds this year and feel so much better.



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