|Egg Donation| The Beginning

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Β So I’ve decided to finally making a transition into who I truly am…a chicken.

Okay not really. But I am taking the first steps into becoming an egg donor. I’ve given blood many a time, I proudly sport a little heart for organ donation on my drivers license, and at Phoenix Comicon I got swabbed to become a possible bone marrow donor. While I strongly believe everyone should have complete control of his or her body (looking at you pro lifers), I also think every human has a duty to help those in need. I mean, there is no possible way I am going to use all of my eggs…so why not help a family that needs help producing a child? I should note I’d rather they adopt…but ya know.


So if you’re interested in the process, and what I’ve done so far, keep reading!

The Start

So first off, you need to find an agency. I’m not going to name mine, but I found them on Craigslist…yes really. Now egg donation can be very financially rewarding! With my company a first time donor that produces a child can get up to $8,000 and a returning donor can grab up to $10,000 per cycle. You can complete 6 cycles in a lifetime. I looked into egg donation in the past, but decided against it because of where I was mentally. Now I feel like I have the support I need from family and friends, plus I’m out of college! I really was impressed at how well my current company seem to take care of their donors and parents. Plus, they cater to single parent families, and LGBT families as well.

Once you find a company you fill out forms. Lots of forms. Mostly regarding your health and physical attributes. It’s kind of like being on a dating site…but for your genetics. They definitely favor tall girls at 5’7 and over. They also prefer college students or graduates. (Two checks in my case!)

Next you’ll interview with a counselor, who will explain to you the steps. I have so far received a hormonal blood check and a round of genetic testing. Basically the genetic testing was looking to see if I was a carrier, or had, one of 300 different diseases. If you come back as a carrier don’t get too worried! You can still be a donor, the family will just be informed. The great part was that I got to talk with a genetic counselor who explained what everything was and what it meant when I wanted to start my own family! If nothing else, that is a great thing to know!

Oh and for the hormonal blood check, they just test to see how many possible eggs you could produce in one cycle. I had the best phlebotomist ever. Anddddd I’m highly fertile *brushes off shoulder* ahh ye’

All of this information becomes available, along with pictures of you, and a self written bio on a website. Then basically couples get to shop around! So if a couple really wants a redhead, they can search by that and see my face πŸ˜‰

What’s next?

Well, like a lot of fertility issues, there are ups and downs. I actually had a couple interested in me before I was ever fully on the site. BUT they changed their minds. It’s kind of a waiting game after you’reΒ  listed on the site. Once chosen though there are a lot of steps. I will meet with a lawyer, and a psychologist to make sure I really know what I’m getting myself in to.

Then I’ll meet with doctors so they can teach me how to give myself shots every day for a period of time. This basically tells my body to produce lots of egg follicles. Then, at a designated time, I will give myself a shot that triggers my body into developing the follicles. I will go through an outpatient procedure to collect the eggs. And then they are matched with a males sperm and we wait! You can’t always guarantee a success, but they do have it down to a science.

There is definitely a lot more to the process that I’m aware of..but I haven’t gone through yet. Like meeting the parents and all that good jazz. I plan to keep you all updated! In the mean time you can read more about the medical procedure here, because let’s face it….I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV.

Thanks for staying with me on this journey folks! Let me know if any of you have egg donation experience in the comments! I’d love to chat!

Stay Sunny ❀



12 thoughts on “|Egg Donation| The Beginning

  1. KP

    This is so amazing. You’re giving a great gift by donating your eggs. I’ve considered donating my eggs as well, or being a surrogate for a family unable to conceive. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be to not be able to have children on your own.


  2. Hannah Bauman

    This is really awesome that you’re donating eggs, and that you’ve signed up for all of the other good stuff! I’m an organ donor too, but can’t donate my eggs, bone marrow, or blood because of medications I’m on for several autoimmune diseases. It always makes me sad because I want to help people, BUT I’m very glad that there are great people like you!

    Best of luck! ❀

    – Hannah, http://www.thecatsandcoffee.com


  3. Dylan Cutler

    I think it is wonderful what you are doing! I work in and do research in fertility and you will be changing a parent and/or couple’s life in an amazingly positive way! I understand it can’t be easy going through all those appointments but thank you for sharing with us as well. πŸ™‚


  4. diadarling3

    I have thought of doing that but I don’t know. It’s really great but I think it pays so much because they know how much of a gift it is. You are basically saying there might be tiny humans out there from my DNA that I’ll never know. There are a lot of people who want kids and can’t have them and I’m with you on the adoption thing but I also understand the desire to be there from day 1. Thanks for the in sight.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. hiddencafesandalleyways

    I just completed my second cycle of egg donation, and it’s been such a great experience! I also work for a donor agency. Seriously email me anytime if you have questions or want additional support (they have an awesome support group of other egg donors I can give you more info about). My email is hiddencaa@yahoo.com . It’s such an amazing decision that you made and it’s great that you’re writing about it too! πŸ™‚



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