67 Summer Blog Post Ideas

67 Summer Blog Post ideas

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Summer is upon us! Many bloggers are out there enjoying the nice weather, and are too tired to come up with blog post ideas late at night. Well that’s when it hit me…I should make a list for y’all! One of my most popular posts was my 160 Blog Post Idea post, so this is a smaller sequel! Hey you can expect 160 every time! I’m thinking of making this a seasonal post actually! So stay tuned for the fall edition! So keep reading if you need some inspiration.  I even put the prompts into categories this time! 😉




  1. Favorite summer smoothie recipe
  2. 4th of July themed food
  3. Favorite pool side drink
  4. Favorite summer breakfast
  5. Popsicle recipe
  6. Best local farmers markets
  7. DIY roadtrip snack
  8. Vegetarian recipe
  9. Best places to eat outdoors
  10. Your favorite picnic foods/recipes


  1. Different ways to style denim shorts
  2. How to wear a swim suit during the day
  3. Summer cover ups
  4. Summer sandals
  5. Best places to buy summer dresses
  6. Summer fashion for kids
  7. Summer fashion hacks
  8. How to pick a summer hat
  9. 4th of July outfit
  10. Can you wear white after Labor Day? Discuss your opinion


  1. How to choose the right sunscreen for you
  2. Favorite summer lipsticks
  3. 4th of July beauty look
  4. Best mani/pedi combination
  5. Favorite summer-release makeup palette
  6. Best water proof mascaras
  7. Best self-tanners for fair skin
  8. Your self-tanning routine
  9. After sunburn remedies
  10. Back to school makeup looks


  1. Best outdoor workouts
  2. List of summer activities to try
  3. Summer workout bucketlist
  4. Local Hiking list
  5. Favorite water sports
  6. Unique locations to get a workout insider ( I like jumpy castle places!)
  7. Ways to workout with your dog
  8. DIY workout clothes
  9. Where you get your workout clothes
  10. Best late night workouts


  1. How to keep your traffic up during the summer
  2. Spring/Summer cleaning of your blog
  3. Social media in the summer


  1. Best local places to beat the heat
  2. Best water parks nearby
  3. Your best summer vacation
  4. Best kid-friendly vacation locations (hey that rhymes!)
  5. Best pet-friendly vacation locations
  6. Best local places to watch fireworks
  7. Vacation packing list

Family/Mommy blogging

  1. Recipes that kids can make themselves
  2. How to keep kids occupied on a trip
  3. Best all-natural sunscreens for kids
  4. How to excite your kids about going back to school



  1. Where to buy back to school items online
  2. Last minute summer vacations
  3. Summer bucketlist
  4. Last minute summer jobs
  5. Saying goodbye to friends
  6. Graduation trips
  7. Dorm room DIYS
  8. Dorm room wishlist



  1. Adorable summer floats
  2. Best places to take a summer nap
  3. Best childhood memory of summer
  4. Summer traditions you have
  5. Your morning routine


I hope this helped some of you guys! If you decide to use one of the ideas, you should link it down below so we can all take a peak! 🙂 Yay for bloggers supporting each other!

Stay Sunny ❤


13 thoughts on “67 Summer Blog Post Ideas

  1. Krista Dial

    What a handy list! I’m very rarely at a loss for something to share on my blog, but every now and then I do hit a dry spell. I will be keeping this handy for when that time comes! 🙂 Looking forward to future posts from you!


  2. Teresa

    Such great ideas! I have to admit, sometimes I go through a bit of a creative dry spell, so I will definitely be referencing this post all summer long!



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