#Juneversion |2016|

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!

We’re halfway though June already! Say what?! I guess since this is my first full year out of university it doesn’t truely feel like ‘summer’…because there’s no break. Which is honestly probably the most depressing realization I’ve had post graduation. Blehck. BUT I am enjoying my second round at #juneversion! Are you following along? You should be!

What I’ve learned…or relearned so far!


*Iphone 4 (not 4s) do not have a self timer option. Until I realized that you can get an app that will serve this function…I was dragging along poor Alexander to take my pictures. Seriously, I now know why #instagramhusbands are a thing. For Juneversion 2015 I used Brenna as my Instagram photographer! And I mean…Alexander never laughs when I fall on my head so I guess he wins the award for Instagram boyfriend of the year!


Me using the self timer app in a super low light gym….

*Muscle memory is real. If you remember…I recently admitted I hadn’t done an inversion since July of last year. But I can say that as of June 1st this year I can hold a handstand A. for longer and B. with better posture than I could last year. So basically I my upside down muscles didn’t atrophy completely.


*People still stare. Like way hard. Yes I know I’m upside down, and I just fell. It’s okay.


*Hand/Shoulder/Head stands are so freeing! It’s amazing how just being upside down for a few seconds can make you feel like a kid again.


Have you been doing your inversions? Tag me on instagram @staywithmeonthis so I can see! Or use #juneversion!

Stay Sunny ❤


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