Phoenix Comicon

Hey guys, gals and every one else!

   I just realized I can write a blog post from my phone, how dumb am I?! Anyway. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Comic Con! Phoenix’s event is not nearly as big as San Diego’s but it was still really cool seeing all the different events and cosplayers. The best part? I got paid to cover the event for my work on social media. So yes ….hashtags do pay my bills. It was a scorching 118 degrees outside on Saturday…and our booth was outside! BUT I had a great time none the less. Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend!

My work was giving away three Oculus Rifts, and this adorable cosplaying corgi just had to try a headset out!

I may be a slight trekkie or trekker or whatever, but it’s not like a Kirk quote was on my graduation cap or anything 😉

Probably my favorite cosplay of the event, a female khal and khaleesi pair! And they both were so sweet!


Baby the Impala from Supernatural!

#squadgoals…am I right? I kid I kid. BUT it was amazing to be able to cover an event in the new realm of social media journalism. If you’re interested…I’m for hire for any VA/social media needs! Check out my VA info page!


Stay Sunny my friends! ❤

(Maybe not 118 sunny though….)


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