Purple Trail Planner |Review|

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!

I was recently approached by Purple Trail Planners to see if I wanted to review one of their products. After poking around on their site a little bit (http://www.purpletrail.com/planners) I decided that I’d be interested in trying out their products! To be honest, the fact that they are MUCH more customizable than EC was a selling point for me. I’ve been dying to try an hourly layout, so here was my chance! If you’re looking for a new planner, this might just be the one for you!


Purple Trail Planners come in two sizes! Here you can see the smaller one in comparison to my personal size filofax! Honestly, if I could pick a perfect planner size this would be it. I’m often needing more space than my personal provides, but I don’t want to go all out for a an A5 size.


These are coil bound planners, which is probably my biggest gripe. While you can add stuff to this planner (we’ll get to that later) it’s not as forgiving as a binder style. I’ve had an Erin Condren in the past ( you can read why I broke up with it here!) and this coil is much bigger, and feels more durable than what the EC provides. If you’re often worrying about damaging your coil, than the Purple Trail may be more up your alley. This thing is like made of adamantium or something.

Purple Trails covers are 100% more customizable than EC or other brands. I know EC is launching their ‘luxe’ cover line soon, but these are still awesome. You can pick from soft or hard covers, and then go on to customize them. They have a design station that’s pretty much like Adobe Indesign. You can change absolutely everything. They have tons of images, fonts, and colors. I sat and played on this for at least an hour! And BONUS if the company thinks that a design won’t print well, they’ll contact you! My back cover text “let success be your noise” wasn’t originally one the pink, but they suggested adding it. I’m really glad they did. A+ customer service!






You can see the planner starts with an owner page, and then is followed by a yearly calendar. The tabs are all super cute light colors! My only gripe is that these don’t necessarily go with every cover (like mine which is primarily dark colors). Then the monthly calendar is next!

Each month has a full page at the beginning. I love that there are notes on the previous page! And the back of each monthly tab (not pictured) is blank, so you could tape something inspirational if you wanted. The tabs are a nice thick paper quality. The paper throughout the planner is a bit thin though. But the cover is super sturdy!

At the beginning of each month you get this starter page. It has a place for birthdays, events and notes. I think it’s really cute! This is a great way to gather all your thoughts, or plan out birthdays at the beginning of the year.




Unfortunately, I ended up with the horizontal weekly layout, versus the vertical I had been dying to try! BUT This layout is exactly the same as what I started planning on in college, so it’s nostalgic in that regards. The cool thing about Purple Trail is that you can add ‘packs’ of things. I added two packs of note paper, and two of graph paper! They have fitness packs, kid packs and more! I also got a sticker pack! THEY ARE SO CUTE. LOOK AT THESE THINGS!





These are the perfect mix of functional and cute! And I love the rainbow color schemes. Oh and bonus! This planner comes with a pocket folder!

Overall I think the Purple Trail is a great option for people who like coil binders, and want more customization options than other brands provide. I’m definitely going to give this planner a try! The size is definitely one of my favorite things.


Have you tried a Purple Trail planner before? Let me know how you like it!

Stay Sunny ❤



One thought on “Purple Trail Planner |Review|

  1. Eva

    Love a good planner! It feels good to write on a paper rather than carry it in my head. Ideas, plans becomes heavy ;). They can make you really tired ;)) xx



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