5 ways to get creative with your workouts |Guest Post|

Doing the same things, day-in and day-out get can monotonous and boring pretty quick. Although routine and discipline are necessary to achieve real and lasting fitness goals and results, who said you can’t have a little or a lot of fun along the way (Depending on how you look at it). What’s most important is that you maintain a certain level of activity during the week. However, depending on your current level of fitness and your aspirations you can always tweak my following suggestions to get a little creative with your training and workouts.


Creativity is the antidote to boredom and stagnation. It can help you get out a rut quickly and provide you with the necessary inspiration and motivation you need to move ahead without feeling like giving up. If you’re tired of juggling the same exercises and repeating the same old workouts, try your hand at the following and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


1. Switch up your Training

The very first thing that you can do to get of a repetitive rut is to redesign your current workout schedule. Start with the number of days you’ve currently dedicated to your workouts. Ask yourself, if your schedule is killing you or if it’s too demanding. If you’re currently exercising 4-5 times a week, you might want to consider changing the intensity of your workouts and maybe only exercising three times a week. This way you’re body will get enough time to recover;  you’ll look forward to exercising the on the specified day and you’ll be surprised to find that you’re making fewer excuses to keep up your exercise.

You should redesign your workout format, so you’re not repeating the same routine in the same fashion every time. For example, if your training schedule looks something like M, W, F – Chest, Back and Arms, Legs. You might want to consider changing that up and include a full-body split for those three days. By working your full body, instead of segregating body parts, you’ll have a greater variety of exercises to perform and believe it or not, you’ll make faster progress and get better results for both strength and muscle size.

2. Experiment with different Exercises and Disciplines

If you’re a gym rat hell bent on lifting weights, you want to try your hand at pure body weight training, callisthenics, gymnastics or even parkour. Don’t worry you won’t lose and get weak, quite the opposite. You’ll strengthen muscles you though you never had and you’ll develop great core strength, flexibility and balance. You don’t even have to commit to them full time, even by doing callisthenics, gymnastics or parkour, just twice a week, you’ll notice significant results and you’ll be doing something new and fun.

Between lifting heavy weights and doing some gymnastics, you’ll give your body an extra boost that’ll not only force your muscles to grow but also help your mobility which will help you lits heavier if that’s what you want.

3. Get outdoors

The environment in which you train has a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of your training. In the same that it pays to surround yourself with experience individuals, it also pays quite a lot to venture outside to train. Training too often behind closed doors and inside four walls with music blasting and the AC blowing in your face can affect the intensity of your training. Not too say that’s its bad, it’s just limited.

You’ll find training outside at the park or a stadium with fresh air will lift your spirits and help you enjoy your routine more. Away from the noise and the chatter, you’ll be able to connect with your body and emotions on a deeper level and you’ll be surprised at how much longer and harder you can train without distractions.

4. Take up mountain biking or Trekking

Using the real world as you, gym can be equally rewarding if not more rewarding than lifting the weight. Take a break from the squats, deadlifts, running and lounges and get on a bike or go trekking every once a while. There is a lot of fun to be had even while you get your exercise. A mountain bike will give you the opportunity to get fit and strengthen your leg muscles like no leg-press machine can while also rewarding you with a rich experience of the outdoors. You’ll learn new routes, make new friends, and say goodbye to boredom for good.

The same goes for trekking. Although a little more demanding, it’s a great way to keep fit and healthy as well make some pretty great memories with friends and family.

5. Take up a Martial Art

You don’t have to compete, but who says you can’t learn a valuable skill that’ll add confidence and strength to your character. Coupled with your strength training or weight lifting, leaning a marital art will make you a force to be reckoned with. And, you’ll get to learn a lot of your mindset as well as have the opportunity to overcome some fears and develop real courage. In my personal, opinion barring a select few traditional disciplines, such as taekwondo, kyokoshin karate and Muay thai, it’s best to take up either boxing, wrestling or ju-jitsu. Why? It’s simple, not only do they provide great workouts, but unlike several traditional styles, they teach you to defend yourself in real life situations. Regular sparring will help you get over you fears and give you the confidence to walk tall.

You’re never too old or too set in your ways to experiment. Just because you haven’t tried something doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it if you give it a shot. So, get outside, take up a new pastime or even a martial art and find new motivation to pursue your fitness and life goals.


Author Bio: Andrew is the founder and CEO at Aim Workout (aimworkout.com). As a passionate fitness professional and tri-athlete, there is literally no adventure he won’t embark on. From mountain biking, deep sea diving, rock climbing and cycling to boxing and mixed martial arts, Andrew has a penchant for the wild and extreme.




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