Thrifting Tips&Tricks

Hey guys, gals,and everyone else!

Macklemore made a song about a way of life for some, and a hobby for others. Going thrift store shopping has it’s ups and downs, but mostly ups! The thrill of the chase, the awesome finds, and the great prices! Whether you’re having a hard time, or just looking for a good time, thrifting is a fun activity! Keep reading for some of my tips and tricks.


I got these simple cat eye sunglasses for 99 cents recently! Perfect for summer in Arizona.


*Know your town. Now I live in Phoenix, which is  pretty big city. This means that there are thrift stores that carry different types of clothing and household items. Though some chains (Like Savers) do swap between stores. For me, the Savers and Goodwill near me almost always have unique clothes that aren’t too outdated. Ironically, the stores in Scottsdale (the swanky part of Phoenix) don’t have a great variety! Know your town and demographic, and it will help you narrow down what stores are worth your time!

*Check every area. Clothing is constantly in the wrong sized area. So make sure that you’re checking everything! Besides, with older clothes, they often don’t follow the same sizing ideas as modern day. You may be a 10 now, but fit in an 80’s 6 or a 90’s 12. Who knows! Go on style and fit more than a silly number.

*Everything can be altered! Shoes just a smidge tight? Use a hair dryer and thick socks to make them fit better. You can take links out of bracelets as well, or hem a pair of pants. When you’re getting  a dress for $3 or less, taking an extra hour to make it perfect doesn’t seem so bad!

*Make sure you know about extra sales in your area! Savers and Good will do 50% off days on certain Saturdays. BUT they also do veteran, student, and senior citizen discounts! Local thrift stores may also do these, you just have to ask! You may be able to double up on discounts as well.

*Check the household section. In the blogging world it seems like there are two varieties of thrifters-clothing thrifters and household thrifters. Neither section is better than the other, so check them all out! You never know what you can do with an old chair or picture frame!

 I have a couple thrifting hauls that I need to publish! But until then you can check out my previous haul!

What’s the best thing you’ve found at a thrift store? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


5 thoughts on “Thrifting Tips&Tricks

  1. Kim

    I got a bureau out of the trash at a Salvation Army…I gave them a $5 donation for it. I totally redid it and it is beautiful now. It didn’t matter that the drawers were broken because I was taking them out anyway. I put woven and wire baskets in place on the drawers, which was my plan from the start.


  2. Bonita

    I have found a $5 ring sling, $10 old Radio Flyer tricycle, and some neat “vintage” looking clothes. My mom found an extremely good shape Featherweight Singer sewing machine for $100 and I found NES system with games for. $40. That is just what I can remember,


  3. Aileen

    I’m all about the housing section! Finding clothes for me is hop it or miss. However, I have found some great clothes for my kids over the years.



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