End of #MuscleMarch

Hey guys, gals,and everyone else!
Here we are at the end of #musclemarch! A big thank you to everyone that commented, or joined in on this monthly challenge! MuscleMarch was a monthly challenge that was fairly simple…one workout or activity a day. That easy. Anything from yoga to hiking to swimming could count!


A huge shout out to my best friend Brenna (of @brennalouu on instagram) for joining in on #musclemarch! She did an ab exercise workout a day, plus running. She’s much braver than I am! She also did weekly picture check ins!


If you remember my MyProtein review…she ended up with the leggings! She also goes to show, that sometimes changes are happening-but you can’t see them. Non scale victorie are sometimes hard to recognize, and that’s where friends come in. (In this case, yours truely) We were both grumbling about our daily workout and Brenna admitted she wasn’t seeing the changes she had hoped for. I took one look at her updates on Instagram, and I could totally notice a difference! Sometimes living with your body day to day can make it hard to see how much your work is paying off! Needless to say Brenna is awesome and she has started a great habit!

So what did I do all month?


Glad you asked! I’ve found that doing the same thing day in and day out is the fastest way for me to stop something. Variety is the spice of life! This month I:

  • went hiking
  • went to the gym a lot
  • went to my apartment gym because I hate driving
  • did youtube videos. That’s Way sitting on me while I take a breather. Check out this video, because it’s a killer ab workout!
  • went for walks around the block
  • Did some Yoga. If you remember #Juneversion, you’ll remember I love me some inversions!
  • And did some dancing alone in my bedroom….not that there’s proof of my horrible skills, so you’ll have to trust me on this one!IMG_7352

There were some tears, and tears ( Two different things..English is a horrible language…) BUT all in all I had a good time this month. I’m very glad that I started this, because it definitely got me back in the swing of being active. Sometimes we all get into a funk, and it takes a push to get us out. Summer is coming soon so I knowΒ  I will be keeping this up! Actually I have a hike planned for Friday πŸ˜‰ I tell ya…all AZ people want to climb mountains and stuff.


Oh…and I got my hairs cut for anyone that’s interested. It’s an Aline (long) Bob! And I dyed it a soft red ombre. I’m probably going to get it a couple inches shorter in the back as well.


What new workouts did you guys try this month? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❀


20 thoughts on “End of #MuscleMarch

  1. Amanda

    What a great idea of doing on activity a day. As a busy mom who runs her own business it is always so hard for me to fit a workout into the day. That’s why I would love to count hiking with my boys or playing around with them in the yard as “activities.”


  2. swood97

    Love the color of your hair. I always say, life is too short for boring hair! I like the idea of changing up the workout. What a cool daily challenge! I think I’ll challenge myself to do some sort of activity daily, outside of the norm. I like that!


  3. MimiCuteLips (@mimicutelips)

    Sounds like #MuscleMarch was a hit. I started hitting the gym on a regular basis. Three times of week regular and doing Zumba. I even got my first gym membership. For me I needed to get active and be consistent. I’ve done that so I’m proud.


  4. Jeanine

    This sounds like a great challenge. I get so bored when it comes to work outs and such… I tend to lose interest really quickly. This may change that up.


  5. Jeannette

    I just learned about suspension exercises. I love doing those unfortunately only one of the gyms I go to has it so when I don’t go to that one I can’t do that particular exercise. You are looking great. You’re all right Arizona people love to hike I live in Arizona myself.


  6. sayhellonature

    I’m SO glad that the weather is warming up. I’m an outdoorsy girl so I love getting out and hiking, walking, or even running sometimes. Makes exercising much easier and more enjoyable!


  7. Yolo Spinks

    This is great. I pushed it in the gym as well. My new activity was the elliptical. It dang new broke me down in the beginning. I’m up to 6 minutes and I can feel the difference in my legs. πŸ™‚


    1. Mar Post author

      I love the elliptical! It’s pretty customizable, though I will say you have to have a lot of mental endurance! Great job with six minutes!



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