#MuscleMarch so far!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

WOW I did not realize how long I had been gone! I’m so sorry! March has been really wild so far, but a lot of fun! I started working downtown, my beautiful best friend’s birthday happened, and #musclemarch has been going on! Keep reading to see what I’ve been up to!



Brittany’s birthday was on March 11th, and we started the day with a trip to Denny’s and then hiked up Brown’s Trail in the North Valley! I was a perfect temperature and slightly wind. I definitely had to take more breaks than her, but we had a good time! Brown’s Trail is fun because you get a variety of terrains. The first mile is really just walking. Then you get to the actual trail head(pictured) where the hiking begins. THEN the last 20-40 feet has a bit of actual climbing. The top gives you a great view of the surrounding mountains and the North Valley.


We then went shopping, had a  yummy dinner and went out on the town! Aren’t my best friends adorable? They are, they are ❤


I’ve also been working out more at my apartment gym over the last two weeks. I like it because I can do free weight upper body without competing with gym rat guys. Buttttt it’s a little lacking in the lower body workout machines. Of course you can always do body weight stuff! I’ve just been on a kick with doing leg day at my Planet Fitness. What gym do you guys workout at?


Brenna(@brennalouu) has been posting progress pics on her instagram, so I thought I’d join her! She does a daily ab workout and general workouts/running outdoors if you’re interested. Go follow her!

I’m also thinking about checking out our company gym this week! I actually have a small fear of elevators, so the trek to the 20th floor will be fun!

Don’t forget to post your workouts and let me see your progress! As you can see anything counts, and switching up locations and workout buddies is the best! March 1st Alexander and I actually went for a walk around the neighborhood and it was pretty dang cute! Use the hashtag #musclemarch! You can also find me @staywithmeonthis on instagram if you’re interested, or @staywithmeonths on twitter!

Have fun working out my lovelies!

Stay Sunny ❤



22 thoughts on “#MuscleMarch so far!

  1. anallievent

    What a fun way to spend your best friend’s birthday! That hike looks like a challenge and I’m sure I’d be having to stop and take lots of breaks. Great abs, too! You inspire me!


  2. kraushousemom

    I need to rejoin a gym. I recently left mine because the cost versus the amount of times I could get there wasn’t worth it. I’m going to relocate to a less expensive one, but I will definitely miss my power weightlifting class.


  3. Maureen

    Ooh those guys who groan like they’re about to give birth and hog all equipments at the gym lol yeah, they are all over my company’s gym too lol. Your hike looks amazingly beautiful!


  4. Mimi Green

    Sounds like you are on it. I’ve been to the gym three times this week and I participate in an hour long Zumba class. As the weather warms up I will also do some running again.



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