Comedy Night |Iliza Shlesinger|

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

   My best friends and I recently had a girls night out! A few months ago we were watching Netflix and stumbled upon Iliza Shlesinger’s special (she actually has two if you’re interested!) We loved her so much on Netflix, that when she announced she was coming to the Tempe Improv, we just had to go!


This is my favorite clip from her! NSFW

  The Tempe Improv is a smallish comedy venue that’s upstairs above one of my favorite art stores. It’s just a short walk from Arizona State Universities main campus, and surrounded by smaller bars. It’s also a decently short walk away from Brenna’s house, so no drinking and driving here!


The Improv is a pretty small place, like I said, but tickets weren’t over priced and we ended up with nice seats! Everything was done first come first serve, and we ended up to the right of the stage. Drinks and food were ordered mostly before the act started, and they served you throughout. I loved the table and booth seating because if you wanted to meet new people and socialize you could sit at a longer table, but couples could be seated alone as well.


Iliza herself was hilarious! We learned about the party goblin, and what ‘ancient incantations’ would bring her out. She definitely also touched on more serious topics, like racism, sexism, and feminism. If you’re looking for a pro-female comedian with no period jokes, she’s the girl for you. She also had to locally-born comedians/MC’s open up for her!


The tickets were cheap at $22 a piece, but the venue definitely got you with their 2 drink menu and food. They had a large selection of food however, from typical bar food like soft pretzels up to Salmon and salads. The ‘specialty’ drinks set you back a nice $15.50 (blechk!), but at the end of the night we got to keep our cups AND got  two free tickets for future shows. So I guess it all evens out in the end. I’m pretty excited for another girls night out, or perhaps a date night with the boyfriend.


What is your favorite girls night activity? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


17 thoughts on “Comedy Night |Iliza Shlesinger|

  1. Sam Sly

    How fun! That looks like a great girls night out. My favorite girls night activity is anything involving laughing, good friends, perhaps dancing and a little wine or other beverage.


  2. jmanandmillerbug

    I live in Phoenix and I have yet to be able to go to Tempe improv. I was so happy to hear when they reopened it. I should check out this comic it would be a great girls night out.


    1. Mar Post author

      It’s really fun! They post the calendar online if you want to check it out. I’m planning on going again this month!


  3. Michele D

    I haven’t had a girls night in a long time. It’s overdue. Going to a comedy club is one of favorite things to do. We need laughter in our lives. It’s a great place to unwind.



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