Battle Frog Obstacle Race!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Remember me posting about my dad and I doing an obstacle course? Well we finished it and it was a ton of fun! Battle Frog is relatively new to the world of obstacle course races, but it’s designed by Navy seals! My dad was in the Army, so I’m sure that was a plus for him as well. Actually he’s most likely reading this…so all together now…Hi Mariah’s Dad!


Battle Frog has a variety of races going all on all over the nation! They range from kid’s races to the big 8k races! My dad and I did a smaller one, since it was our first time, and did the 1 mile race. You can learn more about Battle Frog and



Our race was open to anyone of any fitness level, which was awesome because I’m not very physically fit. (Even though I’ve made some strides in my weight lifting journey. You can see that here!) There were a bunch of military style obstacles including, incline walls, reverse incline walls, barb wire thingies, and that climbing thing you can see in the corner. I’m so technical with my terms I know. The longer races are geared towards more active people, and definitely mainly adults or adventurous teens.


Check in was relatively smooth, besides having to spell my name like six times. Yes it’s M-A-R-I-A-H like Mariah Carey!Β But! They had a nice shopping area for all your Frog gear. And then you walked into an open seating area. All contestants got a timer wristband (which we didn’t really pay attention too), a free tshirt ticket, and a free beer ticket. I ended up signing up for their affiliate program! Basically if you sign up with my code you get $20 off for an adult run, and a percentage off for your merch!

My Code is: BFW0680

We didn’t take advantage of the beer, but I can see how after 5 or 8k how that would be amazing. Since we live in Arizona, there wasn’t a lot of mud. Instead we have cactus…like everywhere. I enjoyed climbing and crawling, and sliding down an incline wall on my butt (whoops!) But not so much the cacti! I’m not the most sure footed person though, so I could just be complaining πŸ˜‰

Overall I’m very excited to do another one of these! The next one in Phoenix is just after my birthday on November 19th! I definitely want to train and do a longer one. I need to focus on cardio and upper body strength. There is a lot of climbing, which I love, but I’m not in shape for! Maybe this will be my 2016 hobby! I definitely recommend anyone who is curious about these races to start out with a small one to get your feet wet. We saw a lot of parent/child teams as bonding!


And a word of advice: Clip your kitten’s nails! My little one Way shanked me the night before the race! Blehck!

Have any of you participated in an obstacle course run?! It was a lot of fun! I definitely want to try a Spartan Race orΒ  Tough Mudder. Though I’m not terribly excited about electricity being involved!


Stay Sunny my friends ❀


23 thoughts on “Battle Frog Obstacle Race!

  1. sarahenice

    It looks like you had a blast! It does look like a lot of fun. And I’m jealous of how warm it looks there. It was 70 degrees earlier this week in central VA and now it’s 30 and snowing… (Cue angry face.)


  2. itsathought2

    See – now that would be WAY more fun than just running and running and running and then… What again?

    I know people love running but this just seems more like when I was kid and we just to walk along the top of walls and jump over barriers and stuff. FUN.


  3. skyemclain

    A race like this sounds fun and challenging!! I love Arizona in the winter though – and it looks like it was perfect weather for you too! I also love that your Dad did it with you! “Hi Mariah’s Dad!!” Good luck on your next one!!


  4. momssmallvictories

    This looks like fun. I like it was open to all fitness levels too. Because of a chronic illness, I am not physically fit anymore either but I love being outside with my boys trying to keep up with them.



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