Virtual Assistant Launch!

   In the huge cyber world of blogging, there are many things a successful blogger needs to do-but often not enough time. That’s where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Virtual Assistants (or VA for short) can help you with a number of things. VAs are used by all walks of life. I use my experience in graphic/print design and couple it with my clerical experience to create a unique package for bloggers. As a lifestyle blogger, I understand that all the nook and crannies of social media can be time consuming and overwhelming. This is why I have created many packages that are budget friendly. Perfect for new bloggers that need a jump start, or veteran bloggers who would rather focus on bigger goals.


Services I offer:

Social media management and/or content creation. I can help you start from scratch, or build your audience on these platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Stumble Upon
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Editing of content. I have 5 years of copy,photo, and layout editing. This means I can help you with blog posts, ebooks, and emails! I use the latest programs, and teach you tips and tricks along the way.

HTML design. Sometimes learning a coding language is more trouble than it is work, and buying a new theme can be expensive. Working with one person to change and tweak things is much easier-and comes at a smaller price tag.

Blog Comments and Email Management. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone answer all the simple emails and comments you get daily? You could spend the time you spend on bigger projects, and only have to be concerned with a few, special case emails!

Personal Assisting. This is only offered to those in the Phoenix or Arizona area. Any general office and/or personal tasks that would make your life and business run easier. I have history with data entry, transcription, and event planning. If you are in the Phoenix area, things like personal errands, mailing orders, and Etsy help are also available.

   In a world where time is money, it makes sense to delegate tasks to an assistant. This frees you up for even more genius ideas! I would love to talk with you about how I can help your blog and business flourish.

   Package prices are based upon your needs! Everything is personalized, and there is a plan for every budget.

   Please send pricing inquiries to

Stay Sunny ❤


31 thoughts on “Virtual Assistant Launch!

  1. Ana De-Jesus

    This is fantastic. I actually have some questions that you might be able to answer, I am WIX but I want to change my theme and have a very clear vision of what I want but I don’t know if I can do it on there. Do you know anything about WIX?


    1. Mar Post author

      Hey Laura! VA’s can really make a difference in how your blog and business grows! What’s your email, maybe we can talk about this more! Since I’ve just launched my services officially I have some very reasonable prices!


  2. workoutwithdi

    Yay awesome for you! Launching a new business venture is fun, but so rewarding. I learned Html a few years back, and literally learning CSS and javascript now. I’m pretty sure I’m a closet nerd!



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