Fitness Update+Favorites

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

So, along with the large portion of the population, I made goals for the 2016 year involving fitness. I’m super excited to be doing an obstacle course run with my dad at the end of January. You can read more about this here. Along with that goal, I’m just generally looking to get in shape, and maybe participate in a bikini competition one day! But for now, I have a little update, and a list of my favorite fitness gear for the past couple months!


Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own!



I just finished a leg workout, and PR on the leg press machine! Before this evening I had never pressed more than my body weight (150lbs), but I did 190lbs tonight! I definitely think that I could have busted out 210 if I really dug deep, but I was on the tail wind of my workout at that point! Still very exciting for me!

I’ve spent a lot of time before and after the new year looking online at ‘workout splits’. A lot of them outline doing one or two muscle groups at high volume, but these where mostly geared towards veteran athletes. Finally I found a thread on that outlined different splits for different levels of experience. I have been working on a three day split idea. So basically day one is lower body with light abs. Then day two is upper body and light abs. Then the final day is focusing on cardio with more intense abs. Then a rest day! Yay rest days! So far I’m enjoying this split and seeing decent changes in my abilities.


Now for the stuff! Keep in mind there’s nothing you really “need” to start your fitness journey, but some things can make it a lot more fun!

Water bottle:

Water bottle

TRIMR Shaker Bottle

I actually got this water bottle as a Christmas gift from my guy (Awwww) and I absolutely love it! Does anyone else have  nightmares about regular shaker ball things falling out of drawers and cabinets at you?! No? Just me? Alright then.      Anyway! I love this water bottle because A. There’s a straw and a regular drinking area! I love straws okay, plus I love options so I’m happy all around. B. The shaker thing is attached to the straw, since it’s also dishwasher safe you never have to search for you protein ball shaker thing amajig. Anyone got a name for it? Anyone at all? C. This water bottle has a ton of colors! I think I may need a couple more for Valentine’s day *hint hint* ❤ I like to pair this water bottle with the BCAA’s below.


Optimum Nutrition BCAA Powder, Fruit Punch

Now, I don’t use pre-workout. Mainly because I’m super sensitive to caffeine, but Alexander recommended I try his BCAA’s after a tough workout, and I was amazed. Basically this container is the ‘building block for muscles’. All I know is that it’s a miracle drink that makes me less sore. If you want more info on what exactly BCAAs are and what they’ll do for you-read more here!



Adjustable Headband Headset Earphone with Microphone and Remote Control(Sea Green)

Now I have a secret…I haven’t worked out with music since about last May. I hate ear buds. They always seem to slip out and fling around and just be generally annoying. As we all know, I’m a huge fan of YouTube. After watching Nikki Blackketter, Heidi Somers, and (most rececntly) Jen Heward..I was inspired to try out ‘on the ear’ headphones. I’m not about that ear sweat life that over the ear headphones can sometimes result in. Blehck. BUT I also wasn’t about to shell out hundreds of dollars…You hearing me Dre? So I found these babies. For a super cheap price you get awesome sound, adjust-ability, lots of padding, and a ton of colors! I’m so happy I picked these up.  If you’re looking for lightweight workout headphones, these are the babies for you.

I’m pretty proud of myself for getting back in to fitness, and like I said I’m super stoked for the obstacle course at the end of January! Stay tuned for that! Sometimes little rewards that are fitness related can really push you towards your goals.

What are your 2016 fitness goals? And what’s your must have workout accessory?! Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


30 thoughts on “Fitness Update+Favorites

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That bottle sure sounds awesome. I am always looking for that ONE water bottle that I just love. This one might be it 🙂


  2. lovethebachers

    Good for you for following your passion and trying to get into shape. It’s such a tough goal, but one that has infinite rewards. Congratulations on 190!


  3. alexandria

    I would love a cute water bottle. My huz just always bring me free National Guard ones. Lol. Cant complain, I guess. I need headphones, too. I havent had a pair for years.


  4. laura londergan

    my fitness goals is to continue eating clean and upping my fitness routine. i started back in october and lost 35 lbs. by the end of the year. i took a couple weeks off and am now back as i want this to be MY year that i finally get to where i have been dreaming about for YEARS! it’s MY time and it feels so good 😉


  5. Eileen xo

    I have been through a lot of water bottles. I have to check this one out because you gave it a wonderful review and I am one that has the shaker balls all over the place and never in the water bottle. My kids use a protien powder, I am going to give them this bran d to check out. They are serious weight trainers and this looks to be a great product !



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