Thrifting Adventure!

Hey guys, gals,and everyone else!

  I recently watched a bunch of Bunny from Grav3yardgirl on YouTube videos about thrifting. Needless to say, I was inspired. I had never had very good luck at Goodwill’s in the past, but there is a Savers near my apartment so I thought I’d pop in!DSCN0007

My favorite turquoise necklace, a pair of cowboy boots, and high school homecoming dress have all come from thrift stores, so I was hopeful I would find a few gems. For 2016 I really want to start wearing clothes and makeup that I truly enjoy, and stop caring about other people’s opinions.


I love this cardigan! It’s Eddie Bauer and really soft. One of my favorite colors is grey so I knew it was coming home with me. And for $7 it was a steal. I love clothes that I can wear to work and casually!

I’m not exactly sure what to call this (Cardigan? Vest? Fringey awesome?), but I love it. I really really love fringe. Like Fringe boots and a fringe handbag are next on my wishlist. I also love this is green, because well redheads look good in green!


While I was binge watching YouTube, I saw someone haul a black chiffon skirt from Goodwill. For some reason I was just captivated and had to have one. I actually went to two savers and one goodwill during this trip, and at the last one I remembered to check out the skirt section. I hate trying on bottoms to begin with, and all the fitting rooms were super packed. BUT I found this lovely gem. It’s a weird kind of steel blue-grey color. I actually didn’t notice till I got home that it has opaque and sheer paneling mixed in..which makes me love it even more!


I was on the hunt for a dress in a blue or green color. I found this little number, but didn’t try it on. It’s a bit short but I love the loose fit and pleating in the front. Lucky for my roommate, if I decide it’s too short, she in all her 5’1 glory gets it! Perks!


For some reason it’s pretty cool here in Phoenix right now. In fact, it’s dropped about 31 inches of snow in Flagstaff (Which is 2 hours north if you’re not from here). Like whaaaa?! Anyway. I got this super thick sweater for $2! I mean, can you pass up a basic for that cheap?


Do you ever get home from shopping and wonder why you picked something up? This is a super thin sweater thing. I love black and white striped shirts, but I’m a little iffy on the fit…and the hood. How do you guys like it?

So for a couple hours work I’d say this was a success! In fact, I got all of this plus a basket, a teddy bear, a lingerie peace, and a shirt for Alexander for about $40! I think that’s pretty awesome.

Are any of you avid thrifters? If you know of awesome spots in Phx let me know!

Stay Sunny ❤


30 thoughts on “Thrifting Adventure!

  1. Robert McMullin

    Loved the post! I’ll probably be thrifting this weekend with my boys, but we have a spot we like a lot. It doesn’t really work for everyone, but there’s this place called Other Mother’s. It’s a thrift store that you can take any hand me downs you have and they’ll pay you for them. They sell clothes for all ages of kids, toys, books, cribs and other baby hardware, as well as affordable maternity clothing. It works for me as I have kids, but I’m not sure how beneficial it’d be for you. Just thought I’d share!


  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Wow, look at all the good stuff you found. I have never bought clothes in a thrift shop before, but maybe I should 🙂


  3. evakidminds

    Good finds! The black and white sweater looks good on you. I think it will go well with black jeans in a winter or white jeans in a summer.


  4. Molly ~ EasycookingwithMolly

    They all look so good, especially loving the green fringe cardigan/vest. I can imagine so many dress combo in almost every season with it 🙂



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