How to save money on Presents

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

   The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re like me, your pocket book may not be completely ready for it! Obviously, the important thing about any holiday is not the presents, but rather family and giving. That being said, being able to give gifts to loved ones that are inexpensive AND that you know they will love is a great feeling! These tips work for any one and any holiday, so don’t feel left out!


Do It Yourself! DIY’s are the first thing that comes to my mind when I think  of saving on presents! Most of the time it’s cheaper to buy craft supplies in bulk, so find a craft that you can make for multiple people! If you can make 10 candles of varying scents for $30, that’s a lot cheaper than hitting up Bath and Body Works. Extra points if you have your little ones help you with gifts for the Grandparents!

Shop off season! This doesn’t really hep right now, but buying items off season is a sure fire way to get gifts for cheaper. Consider buying NEXT winter’s gifts this February or March when they’re on sale. Things like slippers, mittens, and household items don’t change much year to year. No one will know that you saved 30-70% off. A little planning can help you save a lot!

Use holiday sales like Black Friday! I know a lot of people hate shopping on Black Friday, either because they hate crowds or don’t support the idea in general. BUT you can score some really good deals on expensive items. If you have an electronic item on your wishlist, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days to purchase it. I definitely recommend bringing a body guard with you if you’re going to a big box store!

Don’t buy for everyone! And there are a couple ways to do this. If you have a large holiday list, consider sending your cards to acquaintances instead of small gifts. Many people won’t even remember that you sent them a present last year. OR You can organize a Secret Santa event for a group of people you have. It’s a lot cheaper to participate in an event like this for work, and have to buy one gift for the guy in IT, then having to buy 10 $10 Starbucks cards for your immediate coworkers. It’s also a lot of fun to do this if you have a lot of children or a large family!

Put a monetary limits on gifts! This is pretty straight forward. If you know someone will be buying you a gift, be straight with them. Just shoot them a text or call and lay it out there. Funds are tight for everyone. You guys can decide together if you want to spend $10, $20 or $50 on each other! Better yet…get the recipe to eachother’s favorite dishes and just make those instead!

Purchase activities instead of items! I’ve started doing this with many of my loved ones. After awhile, people have enough ‘stuff’. Studies show that we remember activities more than presents, and are actually happier if we spend our money on adventures instead of things. So think of something you know you’re loved one has always wanted to do, and then purchase a gift card for that activity!  I’ve purchase a $50 massage for my mother before, and I took my boyfriend to a Taco Festival. Your loved ones get to have fun, and they don’t have to worry about storing the gift anywhere. Plus, if you purchase two of whatever it is-You may get to go with!

What are your favorite holiday DIY gifts that you’ve give in years past? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


23 thoughts on “How to save money on Presents

  1. blogginginpa

    All great tips! I love the idea of shopping off season but I always forget to do it! I have a friend who starts buying in the summer And catches a lot of great sales- she always has her Christmas shopping done by October at the latest!


    1. Mar Post author

      I know if you look on pinterest there are tons of resources to tell you what to buy during the year! It’s amazing how systematically everything goes on sale!


  2. Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories

    We’ve instituted just about every one of these as our families have grown. We just buy Christmas presents for the kids and their cousins but family friends we’ll go out to do something fun altogether rather than buying presents. Hope you’ll linkup with us at Small Victories Sunday Linkup open all week!


  3. Autumn

    I think putting limits is definitely a hard one. Our parents alone are spread out over three states so it is impossible to visit all family. Sometimes it feels like the precense of a gift would compensate for our lack of being there. I’ve found that small knick knacks and gifts really help and people just like to know that they have been remembered. Good post! 🙂


  4. workoutwithdi

    We save on Presents because we buy very few. Holidays aren’t about gift giving for us, I’d rather spent more time with the people I love doing things we enjoy.


  5. Heather

    Shopping off season is a great idea! I always think I am going to do that…but then don’t for whatever reason. I also love the DIY projects – I am a knitter and try to start knitting for people in July!


  6. Jam Jar Gill

    Fab ideas – completely agree. We have had one debt free Christmas so far by both putting £20 in a saving account each month. Highly recommend doing this as it really does relieve the stress. 🙂 Happy Holidays



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