How to become more productive

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as day light savings time hits (or doesn’t as is our case in good ole’ Arizona) I get so unmotivated. I’m not sure if it’s the shorter days, or the stress of the holidays coming, but I just don’t feel like doing anything. It seems the longer my to-do list gets, the longer my naps become. BUT a lot of times, when I write here on staywithmeonthis, I’m learning along with you guys. So here’s some tips I’m going to try out, plus a few that I found to help a lot when I’m unmotivated to get stuff done!

kaboompics.com_Happy Coffee

Find what motivates you to get shit done…or at least makes it less sucky.

When tasks suck, we don’t want to do them. Plain and simple. So, one way to combat this, is to find what will get you to do it. Sounds really simple, I know. I like cute stationary. That’s probably why I’m a planner addict as you can see by my other posts. Think about what puts a smile on your face, and find a way to include that in your sucky tasks. Say you love techno music, play that while you’re working out and that makes your treadmill time a little better. Do you love murder mysteries? While you’re in a business meeting make a scenario in your head and try to find out everyone’s MO. Hey adults can play make believe too! By making this more enjoyable, you’re far more likely to be productive throughout the day.

Use your time wisely.

Time is precious, and unfortunately, we can’t really make more. Do you have small breaks throughout the day where it seems like you can get no work done? Think again. You can answer emails on your commute to work on mass transit. No texting and driving folks! That will save you 15 minutes, and you can get started sooner on your bigger tasks.  Or, if you’re a blogger like me, get your networking on while waiting to pick up the kids from day care. A wasted minute means you have to work harder later.

Just do it…like right now.

This kind of piggy backs off my last tip. When you have something that’s small, but you’re just not feeling it, make yourself do it right now. Chances are if you push it off it will fall to another day, and then another. Then you’ll either end up with 20 small things that take over your day, or something will never get done. Devout an intense 10 minutes to whatever the task is, and I’m sure you’ll feel better when it’s done.

Delegate, or automate small tasks.

You don’t have to do everything yourself to be considered productive. Let me say that again. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Do you have a significant other that gets home before you? Have them put the wash in, and you can fold it after. Teamwork peeps! Ask your kids to help if you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks. OR If it’s more tech issues that seem to be eating into your day, think about automating things. I use to do my personal tweets throughout the day. Twice a day I load my tweets into their calendar, and BOOM they send them out throughout the day. Then I can spend the rest of my time focusing on other social media, or connecting with other bloggers.

Tackle the biggest challenges first.

Remember my goals post where I talked about Professor Heywood’s wisdom? He also talked to us about our B-Hag. Don’t worry it’s just as weird as it sounds. It’ a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It’s that thing that is your ultimate goal, but the road to it is pretty rocky. Conquer the rockiest thing in your day first. Seriously, that thing you’re dreading, do it before 10 AM and I’m sure your lunch will taste a lot better.

Prepare the night before.

I started a new job on the 9th, and I’m still getting used to getting up early and making a long commute. By using my time wisely, I can set out all of my clothes, jewelry, and food for the next day. That way in the morning, I can sleep in as long as possible.

Do you guys have any tips for becoming more productive? Any tips and tricks for making your life a little easier? Let me know down below!!

Stay Sunny  ❤


23 thoughts on “How to become more productive

  1. indisposedandundiagnosed

    I agree wholeheartedly on the “small tasks” point.
    I have just realised this one myself, almost a year into my illness. There are always tiny things we can still achieve. I absolutely love this post, but I love that photo much, much more!


    1. Mar Post author

      Yus! Smiley coffee is the best! Being uncomfortable sounds unenjoyable….but if it works for you great! What kind of uncomfortable-ness do you use?


  2. momssmallvictories

    I’m a total planner addict too, I have so many ideas and scatterbrained thoughts, I rely on my planner to get it all organized. I need to work on working smarter and not harder to get everything done!


  3. Molly

    Cute stationary and planners ALWAYS help! I always set aside time the night before to work on my to-do list too so I’m not wasting time figuring out what needs to get done. Great list!


  4. Debra

    I love these tips! I have such a hard time using my mornings because I am NOT a morning person, but then I regret wasting the time later!


  5. Jessica {Swanky Recipes}

    Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been in the mode of “just do it now” type of thing to reduce stress. Instead of putting it off for later and making a list, i’d rather just check it off now and do what I want to do later. Thus far, it’s working!


  6. knotj5144

    Couldn’t agree more! Thus far, it’s working! I’ve been in the mode of “just do it now” type of thing to reduce stress. Instead of putting it off for later and making a list, i’d rather just check it off now and do what I want to do later.


  7. Elizabeth O

    I’m a big advocate of delegating tasks. It makes no sense to wear ourselves out trying to do it all… So I’m a big proponent of getting a VA or two and making time to live your life. 🙂



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