Hask Keratin Products Review

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I was lucky enough to be sent a package from HASK for review. I have tried a couple of their products before , and loved them, so I was very excited! They sent a hair mask, shampoo&conditioner, and a finishing oil! If your hair is dry or damaged at all, this line of products is definitely for you!


So first off, HASK sent the cutest bag in existence! I think everyone is aiming for hair envy-don’t you?

IMG_7543Ugh it’s so cute! First let’s talk about the product I didn’t take a picture of….. I didn’t take a picture of the Protein Deep Conditioner packet because I was too excited to try it. I literally got my package and immediately put it on my head. BUT you can find all the products at Ulta if you’re interested! Here’s a direct link to the Deep Conditioner! Isn’t the packaging a pretty color?


This product smelled really good!

The consistency was very rich and creamy, but I was still able to cover all my hair with it

Definitely made my hair feel smoother. So much so that my boyfriend noticed…and that’s saying something.


It smells good…but I found the smell was very strong by the end of the recommended time. If you don’t like this perfumey-sweet smell you won’t like it. If you’re sensitive to smells I would stay away.

My verdict for this product?  4 stars! I only took away one because of the smell. I’ve tried a lot of hair masks and deep conditioners, and rarely do they actually make a difference after one use. I straighten my hair almost daily-so it’s really dry. I definitely will repurchase.

IMG_7551The Shampoo&Conditioner!

I have one comment straight off the bat. Every time I reach for these in the shower…I think the pink one is the conditioner. HASK..if you’re listening I would recommend making them the same label colors. I LOVE the shampoo actually. One plus is that it’s sulfate free. So if you have curly hair like me it doesn’t dry it out even more. The shampoo is moisturizing, but you can definitely tell it cleans your hair. The conditioner I like…but I don’t love it. There’s nothing wrong with it though! It moisturizes well and my hair feels nice in the shower, it just doesn’t wow me. These again have the same sell as the deep conditioner, but not nearly as strong.


Sulfate free!
Nice smell that’s not too strong!
Definitely moisturizing!
My hair felt stronger in the shower


The conditioner wasn’t very thick or moisturizing I felt. I definitely could be biased after trying the deep conditioner, which was very thick though!

My Verdict! Shampoo gets 5 stars and the Conditioner gets 3! Like I said, the conditioner just didn’t wow me. I can definitely see myself using all the products in this line and substituting in a different conditioner.

IMG_7559Shine Oil!

Now remember me telling you I’d used some HASK products before and loved them? This little guy is my number one product. You get a ton of use from it and it does it’s job well. I also use a different brands Argan Oil…this is nothing like that. I find Argan oil sinks into my hair and just helps it stay strong. This is definitely a finishing oil that makes the ends of my hair super shiny and awesome looking. It definitely stays on top of your hair though…it doesn’t sink in. For that reason I would say definitely don’t use it on the top portion of your hair. But then again, unless you have super dry hair…I wouldn’t recommend that with any oil.


Makes hair super shiny

Nice smell

The oil washes off your hands easily

Definitely brings my dry damaged hair back from the dead

The oil itself is nice and light, it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all

The small vial lasts a long time-you only need a little bit


The closure can be hard to get on with oily hands….which is a really small con.

My verdict! I’ve repurchased this twice in the past so you know I love it. 5 stars!

My overall thoughts on this line from HASK. I think this is a great line. I’ve used it for about a week and my boyfriend and I have both noticed my hair is softer. I will also say that I seem to be shedding less. Which makes everyone happy, because I used to shed a lot. I think with continued use it could get even better results! Will I repurchase? A resounding yes on everything but the conditioner. If you have fine hair though I can see that working for you. Overall I give the entire line 4 stars and will recommend this to my friends!

While I was sent these products, all thoughts are 100% honest and my own!

Stay Sunny ❤


23 thoughts on “Hask Keratin Products Review

  1. Becka @ Probably Crafting

    I was actually sitting here thinking about it being time to change out my shampoo. I just washed my hair and it feels like my current shampoo is just leaving it feeling odd. This brand sounds great. I shed quite a bit so that is a plus. I’ll check it out. Thanks.


  2. Briton

    I really like products that are sulfate-free. I would love to try the deep conditioner mask. I am growing my hair out so I love finding products that will keep my hair strong and protected in the process!


  3. Alex

    I love that you did a pro and con list and not just a pro list. Great, honest review. I will definitely be checking this out 🙂


  4. My Urban Family

    Thanks for sharing! I keep meaning to figure out a new product to try this winter – my hair ends up so dry and full of static!


  5. thesamps

    I don’t have much up top but I bet this would keep my beard soft and lovable. It’s been getting really dry and brittle lately and could use a little TLC. Thanks for the heads up.


  6. kraushousemom

    After the summer my hair is always looking a little haggard. I’m always afraid that keratin will make my hair heavy and leave a greasy look to it. You said the conditioner wasn’t that thick, that might be what my hair needs.


  7. chbernard

    I LOVE the cute bag it comes in! Thanks so much for sharing, I love learning about new products and this sounds great! I might need to put this on my wishlist!



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