A year in Review

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I had a teacher in college *shout out to Professor Heywood* that said we should review, and make new goals yearly. He recommended to do it around your birthday-not on New Years. That way you don’t get caught up in popular resolutions, and can take the time to look at your life for what it really was. So here I am, and here is my year in review.


November 5th, 2014 I turned 21…and it was a *meh* birthday. But I did get to spend it with loved ones, and not at work-so that’s a win there. What happened after this day?

fullkjluI got to live with two of my bestfriends ever. This is us at about 14. Not much has changed except picture quality it seems.

11102863_951709448181520_4488933628943955902_nI celebrated a year of love with this guy ❤ I also took up hiking, and while I don’t get to do it as much as I want (damn you AZ heat!) I love it.

DSCN3508I started a blogHey that’s you!

Fathers day and summer solsticeI joined a gym and attempted a handstand a day in #Juneversion.

11800320_856078074445423_3325287350147035310_nI graduated University it 3 years. I also got two promotions, and then a job in the field I studied in. An entry level job, but its a win none the less!

11403298_1000842926601505_4856676879954448377_nI fufilled a life long dream of swimming with sharks.

10169404_1001552013197263_8203984414767830421_nI also got to cross of visiting the *real* happiest place on earth off my bucket list! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a blast. Hint: Try the fishy ale pictured.

I also tried sushi for the first time, moved (again), went to my first Design conference thing, entered a program I never had the courage to before, and got rear-ended a couple times.

What goals do I have for next year? Keep the job I’m starting right after my birthday. Grow this blog and start a ‘professional’ one. Monetize said blogs. Venture towards my financial goals. Visit Alexander’s family in Texas and my long time friend Melissa (from blissandbirds) in Seattle. Generally just work towards being an ‘adult’.

One day I’d love to work for myself so I try to make one choice or do one thing a day that my future me will thank past me for!

Do you guys make yearly goals? Do you do them on the 1st of the year, or on some other important marker? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


8 thoughts on “A year in Review

  1. positivelystacey

    Happy birthday and congrats on a year well lived! I don’t think I have ever even thought about swimming with the sharks as a want-to do activity. I will say thought that I have snorkeled at night – it is DARK out there! and there were the mostly docile angel sharks below us.


  2. Jaclyn

    Love your review; it sounds like you had a great year! I do end up reviewing years, but it’s usually in a slump when it hits me that I need to set some goals. 😉



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