My Halloween!

OmenHey guys, gals and everyone else!

How was everyone’s Halloween night?! With so many trick or treaters and parties I’m sure you all had a ton of fun. Mine was pretty relaxed.

frankenI started off my day with hitting up Starbucks. I had recently seen the “recipe” for a FrankenFrap. This was last years Halloween themed drink, this year it was a Frappula! If you remember in my Harry Potter world post, I fell in love with the Fishy Green Ale. According to some online recipes it’s made with mint and cinnamon. So I saw the Franken recipe and it looked pretty close. Here it is!:

Green Tea Frapp

One pump white mocha

One pump mint

Add java chips

Add whipped cream and mocha drizzle on top.

Since the mint and the green tea base where what I thought the Fishy Ale had in it, I just swapped the mocha for cinnamon! I must say….it was close but not perfect. I definitely liked it however, and am currently craving another! My dad is pretty good with deconstructing recipes from things he’s tasted, I however, am not. One day I will figure it out!….Hopefully!

The dark side really does have cookies!

Then after Starbucks my best friend Brittany, Alexander, and I went costume shopping. I actually had mine for a couple weeks. I went as Darth Vader. But Brittany and Alexander were slackers. Brittany ended up going as BatGirl (her boyfriend went as Superman and it was adorable). Alexander went as the GrimReaper. I made his costume from two sheets actually!

We spent a short time at a few parties. But then  we decided to head home and play cards against humanity and just hangout! I was the DD so I was definitely okay with that. Better safe than sorry kids!

Overall it was a very chill Halloween. I hope you guys also had a good night!

Stay Sunny ❤


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