My 5 Year Plan

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!

Remember my year in review post? I put how I have goals just to be a generally good adult for awhile? Well I’ve put together a 5 year plan (I’m trying to get my guy to do one as well). So I thought I’d share it with you! I have a somewhat specific timeline to mine, but many people just use it as a kind of general 5 year life to do list! You can do whatever strikes your fancy!

Year 1 (22 years old)
Become LEED accredited. Save 6 months worth of money. Monetize this blog. Visit a Mies Van Der Rohe structure. Run a 5k.

Year 2 (23 years old)
Create a professional blog and a financial blog. Monetize both. Take a trip somewhere outside of the country. Have paid off at least 1/3 of school loans. Compete in a bikini competition! Apply to grad school and get accepted.

Year 3 (24 years old)
Pay off at least 2/3 of school loans. Take a trip somewhere outside of the country. Do at least 2 professional consults for my own business. Invest a small amount in the stock market.

Year 4 (25 years old)
Have all credit card and school debt paid off. Have purchased a new (to me) truck with cash.Move forward with my own consulting business and blogging. Graduate with a masters degree.

Year 5 (26 years old)
Officially work for myself! Make a sizable donation to a charity. Apply to a PHD program.

So basically all of this is *hopefully* going to be achieved by my 27th birthday. Which, I will admit, gives me a ton of anxiety to think about! More then being 27 years old fact thatn anything…
Do any of you have a 5 year plan? How often do you edit your 5 year plan?

Stay Sunny ❤


44 thoughts on “My 5 Year Plan

  1. αиgιє (@SimplySinova)

    I love the idea of having a 5 year plan. It’s so great to have goals that you really work hard to reach! Last year I started a ’25 Before 25 bucket list’ and I’ve already crossed off almost half the things on the list (and I still have a little under 2 years left before I’m 25!) ❤


  2. Emily

    Get it, gurl! Your five year plan is amazing, you are an inspiration. I just wrote out my five year plan at the beginning of the year and it is amazing how writing things down has motivational power.


  3. LadySoda

    It is such a great idea to have a visible goal,that way you will be reminded each time. I wish you all the best with you 5-year goal. This is indeed wise and brave of you to share to everyone.


  4. Scraps

    I like that your plan has a mix of serious and fun items in it, I think that’s very important. I’m about 6 months away from the “due date” of my 4-year plan and I’m a little disappointed that I’m not where I wanted to be. Although, when I look at what I did accomplish, what new opportunities presented themselves and the flexibility I allowed myself to accept them, it takes some of the sting out.


  5. Eva at Kid Minds

    I think five year goals are great! Putting one together involves envisioning the future and it keeps your mind on a goal even when you are not consciously thinking about it. Just don’t be surprised if you change your mind one day. Phd might be important now, but in two years you might stumble upon your dream job instead.


  6. Heather

    I think its great to plan things out like that. I can help make sure that you are always considering what is best for your future. Right now, I don’t really have a five year plan, but I know that within 2 years I most likely will be returning to work once my youngest is in school. That will be exciting for me.


  7. Pam

    This is an interesting way of doing goals! I usually do mine a month at a time because my life seems to constantly change and take new paths that I didn’t expect. Best of luck on your plans!


  8. Eileen

    Having a 5 year plan is great however when things do not turn out as planned, just tweak the plan but never lose focus on the goal. Wish you luck in your endeavor!


  9. Stephen Parry

    Having long term plans are so important, as is having year (short term) plans. Just always remember to live in the now 🙂


  10. chbernard

    Wow I am so impressed that you have a 5 year plan! I have vague ideas of things I would like but no timelines… you have inspired me to get planning!



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