Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Down to the last week of October with no costume? I got your back! These costumes are super easy AND cheap! That’s the best of both worlds right?! Everything here is a quick DIY, or just a jump into your makeup drawer! Let the frights begin!



despicable_me_2_minions-1920x1080Whether you love ’em or you hate them, Minions are an easy costume that is sure to be understood. Rummage through you closet and you’ll come up with most of the supplies! If you need some places to buy the costume pieces head over here to one of my favorite bloggers!


Deers are actually very pretty! Pop on a brown shirt and some makeup and you’re good to go! Extra points if you get your counterpart to dress up in flannel and claim to be the hunter that shot Bambi’s mom! Too soon? Too soon….


If you need any pointers on Halloween makeup, Lex, is the girl to go to on Youtube! By going as an emoji you totally don’t need to wear any special clothing! 10 minutes of face paint and you’re on your way!



Not gunna lie…I went as Charmander last year. I didn’t have any money to buy a costume, but I had a white t shirt and some paint. Fun Fact: youΒ  can dye a cotton shirt with paint and water-it doesn’t have to be real dye. So I borrowed shorts from my roommate Brittany (the short one) and painted my shirt! (What you can’t see is I had Charmanders flame tail on the back!) I put on some bright makeup and was on my way! You could totally do this with any Pokemon, though I bet the starters would be more recognizable!

Black Cat

I feel like every person has to go as a classic Black Cat at least once in your life. If you’re running super late to a party this is super easy. All you need is some ears, a black ensemble,and eyeliner!

Your bestfriend (or significant other!)

Do you or your significant other have a very…interesting style? Is one of you donning bright hair, or a memorable accent? Use that to your advantage! Dress up like your other half and embellish on their lovable qualities! It may take people a couple seconds to get the joke, but they’ll crack up when they get it!

What is your favorite last minute costume you’ve pulled together? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❀


39 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes!

  1. elle

    Great ideas! My favorite last minute costume that I have done is a Minnie Mouse costume. I had a Minnie Mouse headband from a previous Disney trip and used a red and white polka dot apron, black shirt, black leggings


  2. Tina

    This is a great list of costumes. I try my best to not have anywhere to go where I have to dress up. My mom loved Halloween and always had me in elaborate costumes that were not very comfortable. I always won the best costume prize but dreaded Halloween every year. xoxo, Tina


  3. Scraps

    Last year I was a bit uninspired so I was just going to grab my chef’s coat and call it a costume. Then inspiration struck, and I decided I could slap on some red lipstick and tease my hair and be Red from OITNB, but as I was putting my hair up I kinda looked more like a Fraggle, which is also named Redd! So I added little bows to my teased pig tails and went as a bit of a mash-up.



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