Blogger Resources you HAVE to check out!

pexels-photoHey guys, gals,and everyone else!

Are any of your baby bloggers like me? If so then I know sometimes it can be overwhelming….SEO’s, social media, coming up with post ideas (though I have 160 of those here for you!) Anyway, I recently have joined a lot of facebook groups, and done a ton of reading. My head is spinning from all the new information I’ve found! If you’re like me and want to ditch your 9-5 and live out a dream of being a professional blogger…check out the links below! Or in the meantime…listen to this little song to inspire you!

Here are blog posts that I found super helpful! Some of these are aimed for small business owners, but they can answer a lot of newbie blogger questions! You can ask for feedback, showcase new blog posts, and just all around network!

Blogging Boost


Arizona Blogger Meetup

Obviously this is for us cactus people…but poke around the web and find one for your state!

Grow Your Blog

Freedom Hackers

The SITS girl group

Blogging on Your Own Terms

Awesome Bloggers


Blog Bliss

Blog Society

Boss Lady Generation



Bloggers Unite


Being Boss

Websites! These are some of the best blog/websites out there. They have tons of free information, and some premium ebooks and webinars to take part in!




You all know I LOVE YouTube…so here are some awesome channels that help with blogs and creating your own empire. Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone talk out a problem with you!




Those are my favorite resources when I’m stuck, or need inspiration! Do you guys have an websites/groups/podcasts you love? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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