Shows I’ve Rewatched Completely!

Hey guys, girls, and everyone else!
Sometimes you need veg time, and that means Netflix! (No Chill thankyouverymuch) I thought I’d share some of my favorite shows that I’ve rewatched in their entirety! If there are any shows you think I should start, let me know down below!



I had to put this first because…I finally got Alexander to watch it with me! This show is honestly the perfect combination of horror and hot guys. Alexander likes the mythology and biblical references so win-win! I’ve watched the seasons on Netflix enitrely like 5 times. I can’t wait to see the new season!


Mythbusters is the new Bill Nye the Science guy, you can’t deny it! I’m not sure if I’ve seen EVERY episode, but I know I spent summers in Junior High and Highschool watching reruns of this show until the sun came up. I didn’t have much of a life obviously.


Friends is a show that millions of people fell in love with…and for good reason. No matter what age you are, or the fact that the outfits are now outdated, you’ll fall in love with the cast. DID RACHEL GET OFF THE PLANE?!

How I met your Mother

Ironically….Friends is the parent show of How I Met Your Mother. If you didn’t realize that…I’m sorry for bursting your bubble. BUT this show defintly can stand on it’s own. It’s 100% relatable, and dare I say? Legend (wait for it) –

Oh, and if I get told I look like Allyson Hannigan (Lilly) one more time I might explode!


Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress is most likely you, or the woman in your life, guilty pleasure! I absolutely love this show,and it’s bridesmaid spin off! It’s kind of like a moving wedding pinterest board…..

So those are my top shows to rewatch! What are your favorite TV shows? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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