I tried Sushi for the first time!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

It’s my boyfriends birthday weekend! I love other people’s birthdays…if I can make it an entire weekend I’m going to! Anyway, he loves sushi…and well besides one California roll, I’ve never had it. So to start his weekend (his birthday is Sunday!) we went to his favorite local sushi place. It’s called Yen Sushi off of 43rd avenue and Bell road in Phoenix!

Picture courtesy of Yen's facebook page

Picture courtesy of Yen’s facebook page

The entire reason I didn’t like that one California roll was because I didn’t like the texture of cold rice. Alexander found it weird that the rice bothered me, but the cold fish didn’t. What can I say..I love fish! Anyway, I let Alexander be my guide and it turned out really well!

IMG_7292We opted to sit at the sushi bar and I was so glad we did! It was really cool to watch these masters prepare our dishes!

Alexander got a variety of rolls for the main part of the meal. I opted to sample his rolls and get a cooked dish for myself. Better safe than sorry I guess. I got the Teriyaki Salmon. It was very lightly flavored but very tasty!

Then I sampled Alexander’s plate.

IMG_7294Forgive my picture, the lighting was not very kind to my iPhone! But these are their Philadelphia rolls. I was a little cautious at first, but I liked them a lot! the cream cheese in them overpowers the rice texture. It was more soft I guess is a good way to describe it!

Overall we definitely enjoyed ourselves. They have a happy hour almost every day where rolls are half price! Check out their Facebook page to find out when it’s happening!

Here’s a cute little persimmion tree (fake) that we were sitting next to!

IMG_7293Tomorrow we’re headed to the local Taco festival! And then Sunday to the state fair!

Stay Sunny ❤


9 thoughts on “I tried Sushi for the first time!

  1. samtetrault

    its always nice to try something new! I’m glad it worked out for you. I still don’t really like sushi, but I’m not brave enough to keep trying it.


  2. Jenn

    Ah! I just tried sushi for the first time this weekend! I didn’t think I would like it & my suspicions were confirmed. I tried two different kinds & didn’t like either-a tuna and salmon one. Hated the salmon one more than tuna though-yuck!


    1. Mar Post author

      Those are both really “fishy” fish. Meaning they’re really strong tasting lol. I know some people start off with veggie sushi..maybe you’d like that!



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