5 minute Candy Corn Garland!

Hey guys, gals,and everyone else!

Remember when I said my adorable bats were the easiest DIY ever? Well I may have been wrong, or at least this garland will give those a bats a run for their money! With just a little paint, a paper plate, and a hole punch you can make this in less than 5 minutes!

5 minute candy corn garlandSo this craft needs minimal supplies! You’ll need paper plates, paint, a paint brush, twine or string,scissors, and a hole punch!

DSCN3479First off you’ll paint your candy corn plate! Just do circles of your colors. I painted mine two different ways…because quite frankly I can never remember what color goes on bottom!

DSCN3480Then, when the paint is dry you’re going to cut triangles!

DSCN3481DSCN3482Next up is to put holes into the candy! You could punch a hole with a pencil if you didn’t have an actual hole punch as well!

DSCN3483Then you’ll string your candy and hang it up! I put a thumbtack every four pieces of corn to get a nice shape out of it!

DSCN3484DSCN3488DSCN3489I just love how this super simple garland looks in our kitchen! It’s adorable!

And the great part? This craft mayyybe cost me $5. I got a pack of 25 paper plates from the dollar store. I already had paint in my stash, and the twine came from my cacti themed garland!

Have you guys done any cute Halloween DIYs yet this year? Let me know down below or tag me on Instagram!

Stay Sunny ❤


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