Dollar Store Halloween Wreath!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I’m back with another Halloween themed DIY for you guys! I recently saw a pin on Pinterest that was a wreath made entirely of crows…and I was inspired! I created a creepy but cute fowl and floral wreath for you all! And the best part? It was less than $10 to make.

DIY halloween wreath

This wreath is super easy, AND super cheap. The best of both worlds right? I completed mine in about a half hour…or three YouTube videos. First you’ll need the following:


One floral wreath thingy…found at my local Dollar Tree. $1DSCN3436

An assortment of flowers. 3 on a stem for $1. I chose to stick with a black and orange traditional theme here. I have seen a very cute turquoise and dark purple wreath with eyeballs (pingpong balls) as decorations though! I used three bunches, but if I could go back I would probably pick up two more to really fill out my wreath!DSCN3444

Little pumpkins…and pinecones (you’ll see those later) Also $1 for the package, but unlike everything else that came from Dollar Tree, these came from Walmart.

DSCN3420Crows! I chose to use 5 for my little wreath, I think it was a good number. They also had skeleton bones and spiders!

Also needed, but not pictured: A hot glue gun, black paint and paintbrush, glue for your glue gun, and twine and/or ribbon to later hang your wreath with.


First up, paint that circle! You could leave it if you like, but I knew some of it might show through so black it was!
Then set that aside to dry.


I craft in my bathroom…odd I know. BUT my lovely little cat Omen, was really excited about the paper towels. So learn from me and place your wreath parts away from animals.

DSCN3448While the wreath is drying you’re going to pluck your flowers. The blossoms pop right off, and you just have to throw away the stems.

Then gather all your decorations.


DSCN3451Then laugh a little at the crows silently judging you.

DSCN3455DSCN3456My crows were awesome and had wires in their feet. Because of this, I was able just to stab them into my tube. You could hot glue them on however.

DSCN3458Again with the judging…

DSCN3457I positioned mine so most of them were facing the middle. I didn’t want one to randomly be facing the ground when it was hung up. So now it just looks like they’re having some super secret crow circle….a murder perhaps?!

DSCN3461For my flowers I first used the back of them to poke a hole. Then I filled that hole with hot glue and stuck the short stem that is still left into the hole. It definitely gives them more stability. From there you can just fill your wreath up! I just hot glued my pumpkins and pine cones down as well…no poking required.

DSCN3463 DSCN3462 DSCN3466Like I said before…my wreath wasn’t as full as I’d like, but for less than $10 I shall take it!


DSCN3467No flip that bad boy over and hot glue on your twine or ribbon. Make sure to secure it extra well since it will be supporting all the weight. Then hang it up and admire your craftiness!



Do you guys like these Halloween DIYs? If you’d like to see more let me know down below! And don’t forget to tag me in your creations so I can see them!

Stay Sunny ❤


26 thoughts on “Dollar Store Halloween Wreath!

    1. Mar Post author

      Ummm that sounds like a great idea! I’m thinking of making another one too! If you do have party, tag me on Instagram! @staywithmeonthis


  1. smile789

    What a cute wreath! And for dollar store items? You just can’t beat it! I love the Halloween/Fall crafts that come out during the season.


  2. anallievent

    I love it and it’s just the right amount of spookiness. It really turned out great and I like that it’s inexpensive to make. Your cat’s little paws are cute, too.



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