Decorating on a budget!

Hey guys, gals,and everyone else!

Ever notice how homes in magazines are beautifully put together with the phrase “Low cost seasonal decor” splashed across the page. Then you look at the product and it’s in the hundreds of dollar range? Yeah…well I’ve noticed. As someone on a recent college graduate budget, that’s just out of my price range. Plain and simple. The good thing is there are some tips where you can get your craft on and make things similar to the magazines…without selling an organ.

decorating on a budget

This my boyfriend and I’s bathroom (or half of it). Even though we’re renting I wanted to make it our own. It needed to be a mix of feminine and masculine, while paying homage to our SouthWest roots. Above needed to be cheap. The lights? 7 dollars off of Amazon not including batteries. The Jack Daniels bottle that’s actually a soap dispenser? Free for the bottle (thank you college partiers that don’t clean up) and 5 dollars for the pump. Everything else was either made by me (like my shabby chic letters) or gifted to us along the way. I just love Alexander’s firefighter picture that you can barely see poking out in the corner.

My point is-where there is a DIY idea, there is a cheap way!

*Paint is expensive, but it does give you the biggest bang for your buck. If you are able to paint go to you local store and ask if they have any ‘mistints’ in the back. They may be able to edit what is available to a color you like. There’s not a 100% guaruntee that it will be the exact color you’re looking for, but you can score paint up to 95% off! I recommend going to a paint only retailer instead of places like Home Depot or Lowes. Generally the associates are nicer, and better with color editing at places like Dunn Edwards, PPG, or Sherwin Williams.

*Make any wall art yourself. Paintings, tapestries, and frames can all add up really fast. A great way to save is to paint something yourself and hang it without a frame. If it looks unfinished without a frame, a trick is to paint the edges a dark color! It’s kind of like a faux frame. Engineering prints, like the one I just put in our room, are another way to get a BIG image, for just a little money.

*Thrifting. You can find just about everything at thrift stores, or antique stores. Things to look for are artwork, furniture, and dishware. You can also scope out appliances/electronics-but test them out first! And remember anything can be spruced up with some easy reupholstery or a coat of paint (that you got on sale thankyouverymuch)! You can also go garage saling if that is big in your area. You’re more likely to get furniture for cheap at these sales, since they’re priced to move.

*Thinking outside the box/make it yourself. Do you know what’s awesome? Anything you can buy in a store-you can make a version of it. Say you see a beautiful sheepskin rug at the store. Go to a fabric store and get faux fur and some rubber matting. Cut and sew them together and you have a rug that’s probably bigger, and cheaper. Plus no sheep died.  You can also repurpose a lot of things. If you find a shower curtain that’s pretty, that can double as a tapestry. Sheets, plus some dye, equal some pretty awesome curtains.

*Buy overseas. This is kind of a touchy subject. I personally try to buy from small businesses, artists, and items that are made in America. Unfortunately, on my budget that’s not always feasible. If you’re on a really tight budget with something you can’t make yourself, check out Ebay and Amazon. I definitely couldn’t make the battery charged lights in our bathroom-so I ordered them from China. I just remind myself that when I make a good salary I’ll buy from my local stores! But in the end, do whatever you feel is right.

What are some cheap DIY projects that you guys have done that you’re proud of? I want to see them! Tag me on social media!

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15 thoughts on “Decorating on a budget!

  1. Julie

    Great post. My family will be moving into a bigger house soon and I’ve been thinking a lot about how it’s going to be so expensive trying to decorate. Just goes to show that you can still do a lot on a budget.


  2. Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

    These are great tips. We make a good salary and still want to be thrifty with our decor because, you know, kids. Great article!


  3. Ashley Aguirre (@AshleyGAguirre)

    DIY-ing, and just looking online for sales or through clearance is great! I check my favorite sites until I find pieces I am looking for on sale. It has taken me awhile to put my place together but I waited to find what I was looking for at a discounted price. A duvet I wanted from Urban outfitters was over a hundred and I finally got it from clearance for more than half off a few months later.




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