Kids Halloween DIY!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!
Halloween is in the air, and this is probably the easiest DIY ever. You could even do this with your own little ghouls and goblins! Just collect some toilet paper rolls, paint, and paper and you’re on your way to adorable bats!

5 minute bat diy

Alright! First gather your supplies!

IMG_7107 IMG_7104IMG_7111If you don’t already have black paper bat wings ready (but really,,,who doesn’t?) You can just draw them onto paper and cut them out! If you don’t have black paper you can always paint them as well.

IMG_7114Next you’re going to take a toilet paper tube (or a cut paper towel tube) and bend it like this.

IMG_7115And then you’re going to bend it like this. Don’t worry folks, this is the hardest part of the entire craft.

IMG_7124And then you’re going to tape it into place! You could glue everything down, but I find tape works just fine. And don’t worry about seeing the tape, once everything is black you can hardly notice!

IMG_7127That brings me to the next part….paint that little guy black! I used just regular acrylic paint from Walmart.


Don’t forget all his friends too!

IMG_7132Next, use your smaller brush and white paint to give him a face! You could totally give your bats colored eyes and cheeks if you wanted to, I’m just lazy.

Note: I also think if you gave a nose and whiskers-these would make pretty cute cats as well! Maybe give them a pipe cleaner tail instead of wings! Adorbs.

IMG_7133Lastly, tape on your wings from earlier. You can paint over the tape or leave it. I tape mine to the wall as decorations, so no one ever sees the backs anyway!

IMG_7136 IMG_7135I gave my little guys all sorts of faces! I even cut one short so I could have a baby bat! All together now….Awwwwwww.

If you guys like these super simple crafts let me know down below! Also, any ideas are awesome! πŸ™‚

Stay Sunny ❀


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