Chic Decorations for Halloween

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Halloween is the best time of the year! All things spooky, creepy, and a little cute run amuck! (amuck, amuck amuck amuck)! I’ve rounded up some awesome DIY’s that are a little more ‘grown up’ then your standard halloween decor. If you’re thinking about throwing a murder-mystery party-these would be perfect!


Black cats! Cats are obviously a life long decision, and not a decoration, but I have to include them. Many shelters will not adopt out black cats this season for fear of harm to the animals. But I promise you, dark felines make awesome pets! I love my cat, Omen, so much, and he’s a great addition to any picture in the Fall. If you have room and time for an animal, I highly recommend you pick up a black cat. Just remember, you’re going to be their fur-ever home!


This skull bowl! I just love this home accessory. This is a very subtle Halloween decoration that’s also functional. You could fill it with anything, but the pink candy does bring to mind brains. Mmmmm brains…..

a8ec4dec93f069eaf86a39093c6bca01Pumpkins! I’ve seen pumpkins painted a thousand different ways online, but I have to say this is my favorite. The matte finish and dark hue certainly give it a creepier, yet adult feel. I would love to do one in a dark wine color, or even a navy with the same nice matte finish. You can also add sparkle or stickers, if you need to ‘cutesy’ up your DIY project this season.

acc8400b020ea418e57a3e32b7233668Candles! I believe candles are festive for any holiday, but a large amount of them certainly does give a creepy feeling to a room. Lucky for us candles now come in every shape and color imaginable. Just by adding a few candles to each room you can get that ‘haunted’ feeling, without the pesky ghosts and demons.  I would love to do a photo shoot with dozens of candles like these stuck to the edge of a bathtub!


These painted wine bottles were the first Halloween related DIY I saw on Pinterest this year that I knew I HAD to do. First of all, everyone of age loves a good wine bottle DIY. Second of all, these are super simple and adorable. You could even do this to full bottles, and pour your guests a tasty beverage from them. Adorable. Simple Adorable.

a37b9d8a5a0e98be5266cc62ff12e6e4Crows! Fun fact: In Northern Arizona sometimes Crows and Ravens are referred to as ‘the dogs’. I personally think these ill-omen birds are awesome. I mean watch this video of one mimicking human speech!

ANYWAY! Adding them in decor is a great way to get an eery feeling. Above door frames, outside, up a flight of stairs-whatever.

Do you have any creepy but chic decoration ideas? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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