How to Save Money on Clothes!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Clothes are one thing that you have to have, but they can be super expensive. College kids are infamous for finding creative things to do with their wardrobes. SO I thought we could take those super powers and make a list of ways to expand our closest for cheap!


Online! Ebay, Craigslist, and Polyvore are all great sites where you can snag clothes for super cheap. You can also find designer brands for a fraction of their original price. Make sure you’re buying from someone with good reviews, and that you read the fine print carefully! The great thing is that you can do this form the comfort of your own home!

Yard Sales! I’m not sure if this is true for the entire country, but in the SouthWest there are tons of yard sales every weekend. They pop up in seemingly every neighborhood. I recommend going garage saling (is that a word? We’re going to pretend it is…) ANYWAY, I recommend going in the ‘nicer’ neighborhoods if you’re looking for higher end pieces. You can always haggle with the sellers, or even come back the next day. If you have a little one this is also a great way to keep them in clothes as they go through growth spurts.

Consignment or Resale Shops! Places like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s closet are great ways to revamp a wardrobe. You can take your old clothes and turn them in for cash or store credit. They usually have unique pieces that you can’t find in ‘normal’ stores. Buffalo Exchange is a great place to shop if you like one of a kind shoes!

Friends with Employee Discounts! My friend works at a retail store, and it’s awesome to go on shopping sprees at her store and get an employee discount! Hit up your friends and see if anyone gets a discount. Sometimes you have to be in the exact store they work in, but other times you can go into any store or buy from their online storefront.

DIY projects! Pinterest and Google are a wealth of knowledge. Even a beginner can add accents to your existing clothing and breathe new life into. If you’re more skilled, and have a sewing machine, you could try your hand at sewing your own clothes. Craft stores often sell fabric and patterns for cheap. You can also sometimes find patterns online and tweak them into what you like. Ask your grandma or mom for help and you have a fun bonding time with some new threads as a result!

Have any of you found some secret thrift stores in your local area that always carry cool clothes? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


34 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Clothes!

  1. Lori

    I’ve always been a big fan of yard sales! It’s fun hunting and you can find some amazing bargains — things are usually a tiny fraction of what they’d cost otherwise.


  2. Dia @ All The Things I Do

    I swear by online shopping. I use a site called it’s a search engine that searches different sites and lets you know how much it costs on different sites (I’m not affiliated with it at all but I just love it so much. It also helped me during school find school books.)


  3. Lakisha

    Shopping is one of my favorite past times and it gets a bit ridiculous after a while and I have found pleasure in resale shops and DIY project that I have my cousin do, she loves to sew.


  4. popshopamerica

    Great Ideas! Also, holiday sales are a good addition too. Like the day after Christmas pretty much everything is 40% off.


  5. The Trophy WifeStyle

    These are some pretty great suggestions! I’m all about online shopping! I always check eBay before making final purchases. Just afew weeks ago I was shopping for a new North face for my daughter and brand new on eBay… $20 cheaper than every other store!



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