My October Challenge(s) and the end of #Squatember!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!
Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble….October is finally in the air and I couldn’t be more excited! Halloween, my boyfriends birthday, the state fair and a bunch of other things are awaiting me this month. I had semi-success with #squatember, but I think it’s time for a ‘fun’ monthly challenge!

fall-leaves-desktop-background-1How did #Squatember go?

Better than expected! Why I thought squatting everyday would be overly enjoyable, I shall never know, but it wasn’t horrible. With every months challenge I learn new things, and September was no exception!

*Squatting in the shower has a 50/50 change of injury. Ironically, this was the easiest place for me to get my 50 reps in during the day.

*You need to stretch your hip flexors a lot. I have noticed over the month of not stretching as much as I should, that my hips have gotten super stiff.

*There are tons of variations to squats. Mixing it up is the cure to boredom.

What’s next for October?

Well this is where I would usually insert a witty hashtag with the name off the challenge…but I just can’t think of one. Help me! I’m actually planning on two challenges this month! I think I can do this because they’re pretty simple tasks, and one is definitely a ‘fun’ challenge!

Number one!

I have a lot of lipsticks that I don’t show enough love to. Over 25 to be exact. I swatched a bunch for you down below…the other ones are hiding in purses and cars. I’ll need to dig those out. But my challenge is to wear a different lipstick or lipstain every day. Since I don’t wear a ton of super bright pinks, they’re all decently appropriate for the fall. I do have some bright  oranges, but we’re just going to wing it with them!

IMG_6979 IMG_6982Obviously I don’t need to buy another nude lipstick for as long as I live.

I also do plan on purchasing a couple other lipsticks for this season. I have a couple halloween looks that require out of the box lip colors! Plus…who can resist a new lipstick. The high end beauty I have on my wishlist right now is Kathleen Lights mash up with Ofra Cosmetics in the shade  Miami Fever. Look at this beauty!

Not my personal photo. I do not claim credit for this.

Not my personal photo. I do not claim credit for this.

I’ve been looking for a dusty, burnt orange for fall for forever! It’s a nice change of pace from your normal fall berry tones!

Whats the second challenge?

Now this challenge is more difficult, but it’s good for me so we’re going to try to do it. I’m addicted to Soda..specifically Coke. I just love it so much. I’ve tried numerous times to stop drinking it and they have never lasted more than a couple months. Some of my dental issues recently came up with coke possibly being the culprit, so I realized it’s time for a change. I’ve set up this month long plan to hopefully ween me off of my love.

Week 1: Soda allowed but no dark soda. Only clear or orange soda.

Week 2: No soda, but sports drinks, ice tea and juice are alright!

Week 3: Only un-sweetend ice tea and water allowed.

Week 4: Only water!

This will be hard, but I know it’s for my own good! Hopefully not quitting cold turkey will make it easier this time!

Have any of you given up something you love before? If you guys have any steps to make it easier please let me know down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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