DIY Cacti Garland

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!

I’m fascinated by cacti and succulents! I recently went to home depot and bought a few of them, and now I’m trying my hand at a DIY with them! This paper garland is super simple to make and you can add your own style to it really easily!


I thought this garland would look adorable over my new desk, and with my Truffula tree! I think the bright colors compliment eachother without taking away from the theme of the room. What you’re going to need for this is: Twine or string,paper (whatever color you like), paint, pom poms, and a way to attach everything. I started out thinking a needle would work, but the pom poms wouldn’t cooperate. So you’ll see I switch to a hole punch and hot glue to assemble everything.

IMG_6878First up you’re going to draw and cut out your shapes! You can look online for references. The great thing about cacti is that they come in all shapes and sizes.

IMG_2926If you like you can also cut out flower petals from other colored paper.

IMG_6915Then cut those bad boys out and attach them with glue!



Then you’re going to take your paint and at spikes to them! You can do any design! I did polka dots, dashes, big lines, and Xs. You can do whatever your heart desires!


Next! You’ll need to attach the cacti to your string. I used a hole punch and threading method. And then you’ll need to measure for placement and length of string.


Next is optional! I used hot glue to attach pom poms to the string and cacti. You could certainly leave everything blank, or find something else to add.


I finished off with a loop knot and hung that sucker on the wall! I’ve done so much decorating for Alexander and the rest of our bedroom, it feels awesome to decorate my part of the space. Since I was doing another episode of late night crafting with Mar, you’ll have to excuse the lack luster photography here folks.

BUT here is the finished project!

IMG_6699 IMG_3533 IMG_0270What else do you think I should put above my desk? That’s my vision board by the way! Let my know your ideas down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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