Truffula Trees! AKA Dr. Seuss Trees

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Obviously I’ve been crafting a lot lately-it’s good for the soul I say! Another thing that’s good for the soul? All things Dr. Seuss! I love this world and the colorfulness of it! I found a tutorial on how to make the infamous trees from The Lorax and just had to try my hand at it! I did a couple steps a little differently, but I love it!

IMG_6852So a slight sidetrack… I finally got a desk in our apartment! So that’s kind of what spurred this late night craft. I’m so excited to put this little potted tree on my desk when I set it up in the morning! I’ve loved Dr. Seuss and all his creations for forever. My aunt absolutely loves the dog from The Grinch so maybe it’s a bit genetic.

10006968_999943793358085_3744732091287616906_nLook! Life size Truffula Trees! I’m not ashamed to say I was the oldest person that wasn’t a parent posing with these. No shame shame.


First things first. This tutorial right here is where I got the idea. I followed her basic steps, though I substituted a couple as well as changing some of the supplies. Gotta give credit where it’s due!


Step one: Gather your supplies! One black cat, two small boas, a package of ‘party crinkle paper’, a foam ball of any size, a package of halloween themed pencils from Target’s dollar spot, a hot glue gun with glue, paint of whatever color, a pot, AND a partridge in a pear tree!

Most of these things were really cheap! I do believe the boas( I got two for a total of 12 feet) were $4.99. I did get a small size, but you could go for a larger size and different colors! The pot was 79 cents at home depot! The pack of pencils were a dollar and the hot glue was as well. The styrofoam ball came in at $2.49 at Michaels, and the crinkle paper was 3.99 (you get a lot though!).


IMG_6822Next step: Paint the pot whatever you choose! You can also leave it the natural color.

Optional: Getting paint all over yourself.Β Β  Set that aside and warm up your glue gun!

Next: Take your pencil and sharpen that baby up! You can also use a straw and decorate it with tape like in the other tutorial. This was just already done for me, and let’s face it- I got kind of excited for the next steps.

IMG_6827Your ball may have a bellybutton. Locate the bellybutton.

IMG_6829Next! Channel your inner Game of Thrones character and stab it right in the bellybutton. I felt a little guilty…but only a little. RIP ball, may you life forever on as a Truffula Tree!


Next: Hot glue that baby in place!


IMG_6833Next: Take your hot glue gun and start gluing down the boa. There is a central string you want to aim for. Be careful not to burn your fingers! I used to short boas, but I bet with a thicker one you wouldn’t need as much to make it fluffy.

IMG_6836BAM! Look at that! If you were to stick the ball on the eraser side you could also make Truffula pencils you could write with!

IMG_6841Next: I knew I wanted my tree to be a little taller, but I didn’t purchase any foam to boost it. So I hunted around and found some small blocks. I hot glued these to the trunk of my tree and then to the bottom of my pot.


Then take your crinkle paper and PACK IT IN THERE! I hot glued mine down occasionally, but that’s up to you.

IMG_6867Take some pictures of your little guy!

And don’t forget!


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Stay Sunny ❀


43 thoughts on “Truffula Trees! AKA Dr. Seuss Trees

  1. Megan Elford

    I love Dr. Seuss too! This truffula tree would look perfect in my daughter’s room, and now I’m starting to envision all sorts of other Dr.Seuss-inspired decor! Thank you for the idea πŸ™‚


  2. Cassie Tucker

    These are awesome! My husband would love helping me with this craft because he was a big Dr. Seuss fan growing up. And you’re completely fine; there should be no shame posing with the truffula trees!


  3. James

    I wonder if truffula trees are where truffle oil comes from? Seriously though this looks really cool and bet my son would love making a few to add to his Dr Suess shelf! And by the way I may be getting old but I still like Dr Suess! No shame necessary.


  4. Scraps

    Awwww, I love this! And my husband and I pose with all sorts of displays meant for kids all the time–you’re in good company with the rest of us ‘young at heart’ types πŸ™‚


  5. logancan

    I love this! My son was “Thing 1” for Halloween last year and we announced that we were having a “Thing 2.” haha This little craft would have been perfect for that!


  6. Sherry

    This looks like a fun project. I am going to do this with my son he loves doing small crafts like this. I loved how you had photos to show step by step. Great post!


  7. positivelystacey

    A parent made a bunch of these to decorate our staff room for teacher appreciation week. IT was a Dr. Seuss theme and looked great!


  8. Michele D

    What a fun and cute idea! We are big fans of Dr. Suess and Lorax is one of my favorites! I bet this would be cute with a Grinch too!



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