DIY Texas and Arizona Painting

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

 I’ve been on a craft kick lately, and this is my latest installment of “Midnight painting with Mar!” *Insert theme music here* But really, I’m glad to finally be adding the homey touches to our apartment. I originally wanted my own Arizona state go with Alexanders Texas flag. Then I realized that would be a lot of flags in a small room. So I decided a painting of a flag would be much better. And this painting has a special canvas (story below the cut!) So it makes it that much cuter ❤

IMG_6785That’s my cat Omen, he loves all pencils, pens and paintbrushes. Naturally, he guest stars in Midnight painting with Mar a lot.

So whenever I do a painting, even a simple one like this I make up blueprint of it first. Usually it’s very simplistic-just to get my idea down somewhere. This time it was in the paint program and looks a bit silly. Here you go!

bathroom artI thought it was a cute idea to switch the state stars for hearts…since we’re in love and all.

Now for story time!

So Alexander and I actually met working together at a paint store. Let me say I do not recommend dating your coworkers- it usually doesn’t work as well as it did with us! But anyway. While we were working together our boss had a us do a type of team building activity. The crew that was there at the time was awesome-we were all friends. When you’re a fine arts painter, or work at a paint store, you get your hands dirty. So the idea was for us to wipe our hands on the canvases and it would create a sort of abstract art thing. Eventually everyone found other jobs and I was the last one left of our crew. When our boss went to leave I asked her if I could take the canvases. I knew I would find  use for them eventually. So I finally found a use for one of them! It’s a nice reminder of where we met, and of our friends there. You’ll see that I’m actually using our coworkers’ canvas- and that’s because Alexander and I’s didn’t look as abstract.

IMG_6778Here’s it originally!

IMG_6779For the rectangles I just traced an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper. If you have a smaller canvas you can certainly use a ruler or something else straight.

IMG_6787Next I sketched on the flags from reference pictures. If you use a pencil you can erase any stray marks! Awwww ye’

IMG_6789 IMG_6791Next I started painting! I used a 1 inch flat brush. Having a square edge definitely helps getting up in all the edges on this very geometric design. I also used just cheap paint from my acrylics stash. (The same ones I used for my rustic letters DIY actually!)

I like to start with one color all over and then move to the next color. This is a very simplistic design compared to what I normally do! I love to paint and do all sorts of artsy things. I even sell my art sometimes. Here’s an example!


I did this for a friend of mine!

Next I outlined everything with black. I think it just give it a nice finished look with this style. I also really like how the colors are super opaque. It keeps it a little abstract! And just reinforces the cuteness of the canvas story! 🙂IMG_6795So this the finished project! It took me maybe a half hour to complete. I think we might get it framed since there is a lot of negative space around the paint parts. But all in all I think it’s a creative way to showcase our short history as a couple!

Have you done any sentimental crafts lately? Let me know down below OR tag me on social media! ( I just love that!)

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Stay Sunny ❤


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