DIY Shabby Chic Initials!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

 I have a long list of DIYs I want to do, so I thought ten at night was a good time to get started on them! Debatable really….but ya know when inspiration strikes. But I decided when Alexander and I moved into together that were were going to have a sort of south western meets industrial meets shabby chic element to our part of the apartment. It’s taking a little while because of funds, but it’s coming along! I picked up these letters to start decorating our attached bathroom! With a little paint and some love they became an awesome addition!

IMG_6741So when I went to Michaels, I was a little dissapointed because all the styles or fonts of wooden letters I wanted were missing one of my trio. SO I ended up settling for the only kind that had all three. I think they turned out okay even if the style is  little childish! What do you guys think? They were around $3 each. BUT Michaels almost always has coupons online or on apps like Retailmenot.


They came plain white at first! I just used cheap acrylic paint from Walmart to paint them. And then I grabbed some 60 grit sandpaper for the finishing touches from my stash!


IMG_6727Oh, and a quick #lifehack, plastic egg transporters make awesome palettes for acrylic paint! Just wait for it to dry and it peels right off! You can get an aged look to your colors by adding a bit of black or brown to a primary color.

IMG_6735I went through and painted the front of all my letters and the edges. Since I’m hanging them on the wall I didn’t bother painting the back. The good thing about the cheap paint is that it drys fairly quickly. I needed two coats of red, but really it doesn’t have to be perfect for this! Then I busted out the sandpaper and got to work! I like the sheets because you can bend it to any shape. Focusing on the edges mainly will give the most worn in look.

Here are some close ups!




This DIY took me maybe 15 minutes to complete. I will say to be careful of the dust you will create! You can breathe it in and it certainly makes a mess. If you can-do this outside. BUT if you’re up in the middle of the night, doing it over a sink will suffice as well. I think this is a cute addition to any room. You can do any combo of letters and numbers! It would work in any room from a bedroom, to a kitchen, or  a nursery.


We put out letters in the bathroom. I originally placed them in this odd wall between our two doors, but Alexander and I agreed we’ll probably put them over a door tomorrow. I was just too comfy in bed writing this to get up. Ha.


I’m quite pleased with my cheap and fast DIY! Anyone else a late night crafter?

Stay Sunny ❤


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