Fall Favorites!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Everyone says they love fall, and I admit I’m one of those people. I dislike winter, but fall I can get into. I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice flavored everything, but there are many things that make this season awesome! Like caramel apples…YUM.  I’ll warn you that some of these are South-West specific!

staywithme scarves

Halloween Decorations!
Pumpkins, Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Witches! I love all things spooky, creepy, or cute! I think Arizona is the one place where you can see a saguaro cactus decorate on almost every street corner-there are some brave people here! The first wiff I get off black and orange in a craft store is monumental!

Low 100 degree heat!
I said some things were AZ only. It’s not uncommon for it to be 95 degrees on Halloween. Sweating off your vampire makeup is a concern for many people. BUT while the rest of the world is celebrating leaves changing colors, we’re celebrating the fact that we can wear pants again. For the record…it’s usually about New Years that trees in the ‘high country’ realize they should be multiple colors.

Dark Lipsticks and Nail Polishes!
Even after my rant about the color grey  I’m donning Essie’s “Master Plan” on my digits. This is my slow transition into the vampy colors of fall. I love a dark maroon on really anything. I’m loving Essie’s “Berry Naughty” and “Wicked” for my fingers and “Sin” by MAC and “Copenhagen” by NYX for my lips. There are so many great drugstore brands coming out with affordable lip choices! This means you can stock up 😉

FX makeup/Halloween tutorials!
I recently got into FX makeup. I’m actually slowly acquiring tools to make my own kit! Ellimacs SFX makeup, Glam&Gore,  and Madeyewlook are three great youtube channels that do FX and general Halloween makeup tutorials! This is a great time to get wild with your makeup for all types of parties! Fun Fact: My first job was working as an actor (aka Zombie) at a haunted house attraction called Fear Farm in the valley.

Layering clothes again- Scarves!
I love scarves, so much. Unfortunately they’re really hot in Arizona about 80% of the year. BUT around Halloween it becomes cool enough in the night to bust them out. By December you can actually wear them during the day! I have a collection (Look at the picture!) but I’m always looking to get more! How do you guys stores your scarves? I’ve tried the hanger trick and it just doesn’t work as well as I’d like.

My birthday is coming!
Remember Remember the 5th of November. As soon as the Halloween decorations get busted out, I know my birthday is on it’s way! My boyfriend’s birthday is actually October 18th, so the fall is a busy season for us! I love finding the perfect present for other people and seeing their faces when they unwrap it! I’m going to be 22 this year, so we shall see what’s in store!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?! Let me know down below, or at one of my social media accounts!

Stay Sunny ❤


10 thoughts on “Fall Favorites!

  1. Dr. JaTaya Wiley

    I love everything fall! From beautiful fall foliage, to corn mazes, to pumpkin patches, to candy corn! Fall represents transformation for me. Getting ready to embrace what the new year has to offer!


  2. ascendingbutterfly

    What’s not to love about Fall? Cozy Sweaters, Equestrian Boots and you said it best with the “vampy colors of fall” <-I am definitely ALL about that!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


  3. Nile Flores

    Layering is great. I usually like scarves for being out and about, and when it’s cold, but I’m fairly traditional on the scarve style. I love deep v-neck sweaters with some type of undershirt.


  4. Melissa

    I do like the Fall colors and flavors of the season but I never look forward to the snow that is soon to follow after. It’s hard to enjoy this time of year knowing I will be shoveling my car out from under a mountain of snow soon. Happy early Birthday by the way!



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