#Squatember so far!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

NOT my original photo. I do not claim credit for it.

NOT my original photo. I do not claim credit for it.

I’m just going to come right out and say it… these squats make my bum hurt. #squatember is actually pretty popular right now, but mine includes 50 air squats (aka unweighted) per day in addition to whatever workout I may have done.

I’m really out of shape so doing 50 in a row doesn’t always happen.  Have I noticed any change in my bum yet? No not really to be honest. BUT this, just like #juneversion, is about feeling better not necessarily looking any different. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to join me in my daily squats…but it hasn’t happened yet. We shall see. I will let you know how my challenge progresses!

One thing this challenge has done is remind me how much I like putting effort in to how I look. I don’t actually like working out all that much..but I do like feeling powerful when I’m lifting weights or feeling that runners sparkle of sweat when I’m on a treadmill. Because of this, I’ve been poking around the bikini competitor world. I’ve been watching YouTube and talking to some girls I know that have already competed. I do really well with goals (which is how I graduated a year early), so I think this is doable for me. I’m going to keep pondering it and let you all know when I make a decision! It’s on my bucketlist to do a bikini competition, but really the only thing holding me back is the financial part. These competitions are not cheap!

In the meantime follow me on social media and tag me in all of your #squatember events!

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Stay Sunny ❤


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