Saving Money on Makeup!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

I love makeup-like a lot. What I don’t like is the price tag. Saving money on cosmetics can be a little more challenging than getting coupons and going to the grocery store. BUT there are some unique ways to get your glam on without breaking the bank!

How to save money on makeup staywithmeonthis

*Try a dupe first! Pinterest is full of list of dupes. Wet N’ Wild is infamous for having dupes of MAC products! Plus they’re around $1-$2!!

*Make it yourself! In the ‘olden days’ everyone had to make their own products. One way to gauruntee that your makeup is cruelty free and vegan is to do it yourself. You can look to nature for berry lipsticks, or try Pinterest recipes!

*Buy online from big stores! Places like Sephora, Ulta, and Lush often give samples with their online orders. It’s a good way to try a product for free before you commit. Also try and shop when they have extra point rewards or free shipping!

*Buy holiday sets! Holiday lip sets are the best thing ever. Who ever really uses a full lipstick tube? By getting a set of 10-12 products that are all mini sides you’re getting more bang for your buck. If you actually finish a product you know you love it and you can get a full size one! Plus, if you know you don’t like a product you can always give it to a friend.

*Befriend a cosmetologist! A lot of chain stores give discounts to those that have studied makeup. Ask a friend of yours to use their account for purchases. Also, some places like MAC offer exclusive shades to licensed cosmetologists!

*Use reward programs like back to MAC! By taking your empty tubes and pots to MAC or Lush you can get a product free. You need a certain number of each but it’s definitely worth it for a makeup junkie!

*Store makeup accordingly! Oil based makeup can be kept in the fridge to extend it’s life. Check your ingredients list on products!

*By used makeup online! It sounds weird but used makeup sites are becoming more popular. I really like! Each product is sterilized. Plus they show you online how much of it is left, and sometimes they’re full! You can get limited edition products and special colors for a lot less than what is being offered on Ebay here.

*Use affiliate codes! If you’re like me and are big into YouTube, you’ll know that a lot of makeup guru’s team up with companies. Use the affiliate codes they give you and you can save anywhere from 5-15% each time you shop!

Do you guys have any sneaky ways to save money on makeup? Let me know down below!
Stay Sunny<3


48 thoughts on “Saving Money on Makeup!

  1. jennybee2014

    I started getting one of those monthly boxes to try new things but I have to say I’ve been a bit disappointed in it so far. Giving it one more chance. Online is always good value makeup.


  2. rsrote

    I have never herd of Glambot– my daughter is 13 so her make-up style changes daily…wait no hourly…well A LOT! and we were big on buying the Holiday Gift Sets…I’m going to have to give a few more of these $ saving tips a try!


  3. anallievent

    My daughter used to work for Lancome and I got free samples all the time. Boy, do I miss those days! These days I usually buy from Sephora. I’m probably one of their best customers around the holiday season since I have 3 daughters and makeup is always on their list.


  4. jasminekeclipse

    I’ve never heard of Glambot, but it sounds interesting! I’m not a fan of Wet n Wild products, but NYX and Milani create high end dupes for cheap!


  5. kraushousemom

    I love when I get a sampler pack. It can be lipstick, nail polish or eye shadow I don’t care. Whatever I don’t like my daughter will take. I also love it when I rack up points on my Ulta card.


  6. Heather

    Oh this is great advice. I never thought to make your own. I wouldn’t know how, but I’m sure I could look it up on Pinterest. I like the idea of buying gift sets!


  7. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I’ve never made my own makeup but I do look for dupes. The last time I bought some of my makeup faves, I thought to myself that it would be awesome if I could make this myself. I’m going to consider it after checking to see the difficulty level. I’ve got to start cutting corners in every area of my life.


  8. logancan

    I also hate spending a lot of money on make-up. I like to shop at Ulta about once a month because they send me a coupon every month and I also use their rewards. It’s great!


  9. Jeanine

    a few weeks back I spent over $200 on new make up as mine was all old and needed to be thrown out and I hadn’t wore it in about 2 years, I still haven’t worn any of the new stuff either! I feel awful, Wish I had these tips!


  10. Yona Williams

    I’m not really into makeup, but I LOVE lip color. I’ve never heard of Wet N’ Wild hacks for MAC cosmetics – I will have to look into that. Also, to piggy back on your holiday sets idea – frequent the big makeup companies online to purchase the clearance holiday makeup they are trying to move.



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