My Etsy Wishlist

Hello guys, gals, and everyone else!

Let’s admit it…everyone has secret wishlists on their favorite sites. We may not actually end up buying anything ever, but it’s fun to add things to our shopping cart. I like to support small businesses and artists, so this is my Etsy wishlist!


So first off…I spend a majority of my time on Etsy looking at stickers for my planner. I’m completely obsessed! BUT it just recently hit me that even though my printer is being a grump…I can have files printed at Staples on sticker paper! Do you know how much money that saves?! So recently I’ve been adding cute sticker files like the one below to my cart. You can find them here!


Next up…THE chair. My boyfriend has sat through countless conversations about this one chair. Well this is a drawing of that chair. The real thing costs thousands of dollars-so I thought this was a nice alternative above my desk! The artist actually does renditions of lots of famous chairs!

il_570xN.803836471_nl0dMy favorite Irish saying is… “If you’re lucky enough to be born Irish, You’re luck enough” This shirt reminded me of it, and I just have to have it! I like that it’s not making any crass jokes, and you could wear it year round if you wanted to!

il_570xN.726932671_d08jSo some people might think this little guy is creepy…but I think he’s just adorable! Don’t fret, it’s not a real skull! I’m a fan of a little gore with my glamour and this guy does just that. I definitely will be buying some succulent or cacti friends to inhabit him.!


And last but not least…a hammock chair! I actually bought my old roommate a hammock chair for her birthday and she loved it! My current roommate have been thinking about getting one for our living room now. I love the fringe, though I’m a bit worried my cat, Omen, will play with it.


What wishlists do you guys have stashed away? Let me know down below!

Stay Sunny<3


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