Saving and Making Money Tips!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

Saving money in college can be hard, especially when you don’t make a ton of money! I’ve found a few tips that are helping me save up extra cash. Alexander and I decided we want to take a trip to Australia in a few summers! Even with groupons, tickets are in the thousands so I’m sticking to these tips!


*The five dollar savings plan. This one sounds weird, but it actually seems really doable. Basically every time you come in contact with a five dollar bill-you stash it away. (assuming it’s yours of course) You can always up this to a ten dollar bill or twenty as well. But you probably won’t notice one coffee or mcdonalds run missing from your agenda each week-so $5 seems perfect to me!

*Save every penny. Alexander and I both save all our change. Once you fill a container (size of your choice) take it and cash it in. You can roll it at the bank, or you can take it to a coin start machine. Just know these machines usually take a cut (something like 10-13 cents a dollar)

*Do online jobs like these and then don’t spend any of the money. Being a virtual receptionist, survey taker or transcriptionist are great ways to make a little money while being in your pjs. They also boost your resume a little bit and improve your typing speed! Even if you only do online jobs 5 hours a week, over a school year the money will add up! Just don’t forget to include everything on your taxes.

*The 52 week savings plan. Now I think this is the most daunting out of all these plans. You can do it chronologically where you only save 1 dollar at the beginning, or your can do it reverse and save a lot at the beginning. I definitely think this is for the person who has a job already and goal they really want to meet. Personally, the reverse method makes the most sense, because it puts the least stress on your wallet come holiday season! And don’t be fooled, you can start this plan at any week-Just consider this upcoming week as “week 1”!

Let me know if you guys start using any of these tips! It’s always easier to do challenges with a friend!

Stay Sunny ❤


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