Erin Condren Vs. Filofax First Impression

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

So I recently tracked down an Erin Condren Life planner! I’m very excited to use it in conjunction with my FiloFax Personal planner. This is a first impressions post, and my plan on how to use two planners daily! ❤


So first things first! Both FiloFax and Erin Condren are week on two page planners. You can find them respectively at and ( I use the USA site). Filofax comes in multiple sizes. I use the ‘personal size’. The ‘A5’ size is comparable to the Erin Condren pages, which are a little bit smaller than a standard piece of paper.


So here ^^^ you can see the size comparison. You can also see that I purchased the vertical style of the EC. This is the original style, and now they come in a horizontal, which is pretty similar to the FiloFax.


The EC also comes in a 12 or 18 month style. I purchased the 18 month. The Filofax comes set up with a calendar year-but you can purchase inserts for it! I actually don’t like the FiloFax paper because it’s really thin. Instead I use inserts from HERE. Plus she offers awesome colorful paper!

IMG_6518 IMG_6520

Both of these planners have dividers between things. EC has dividers between each month, and notes page. These have cute little quotes like this one! The FiloFax comes with dividers that you can put anywhere because of the ring system! I put mine between topics like calendar, blog, fitness etc. You can see my post about that HERE.

IMG_6524 IMG_6522

Both planners also come with note paper, and a pocket. The EC versions are much bigger, because obviously the planner itself is much bigger. BUT in the FiloFax you can move everything around, which is nice.


I think the EC is definitely very cute, and I like that it’s bigger. If I like the room that’s offered here, I might opt for an A5 size FiloFax next year. The EC also has a cult following, and it’s so much fun to bond with people over it! The FiloFax is better suited for being carried around all day, and you can customize it more.

My Plan:

I plan to use my EC to keep track of my blog, fitness and YouTube areas of life! It naturally comes with three sections per day, so I thought it would be great for that. Plus, I don’t do blog stuff at work, so I don’t need to carry it around all the time. My FiloFax will remain my main planner and will hold my to do lists, daily activities, and random wishlists!

I’m going to test out this plan and see how it works for me! Check back in a few weeks for a follow up<3

In the mean time-Here’s how I decorated both for my boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary!

Do any of you use two planners? If so let me know how you use them down below!

Stay Sunny ❤


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