September Challenge

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

September is quickly upon us, and that means a few things. Pumpkin flavored everything will appear, the nights in Phoenix will actually get into the low 80’s, and it means it’s time for a new monthly challenge.

I seem to like alliteration. So for September I shall be doing….*drumroll please* #squatember! I’m very original I know. On tumblr I follow ChickenTuna that you can find here.  She has her workouts and diets online so you can follow if you wish. BUT what I shall be doing is her 50 squats a day challenge. It’s not necessarily a ‘challenge’, but just something she incorporates in her daily routine on top of normal workouts. And, as you can see below, her workouts seem to be paying off!


So follow me on instagram @staywithmeonthis and tag me in any #squatember post you guys have! I personally like lunges better than squats but maybe this will change my mind! What do you guys like better, squats or lunges?

Stay Sunny ❤


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