Making Moving Less Stressful!

Hey guys, gals, and everyone else!

It seems like the end of summer is moving season, no matter your age! Plenty of people are moving into dorms, and even more moving into first apartments or houses! Since I live in Phoenix, it’s a breezey 108 degrees today…which makes moving even less enjoyable. Since I just moved, I thought I would make a list of things that can make YOUR move a lot less stressful!

iStock_boxes xlarge [1280x768]

Start packing really early!

This may be a no-brainer but procrastination is never a good thing! If you have an entire house to do, try and do a room every two days. That way you still have everything you need in the meantime, but you’re not waiting till the night before!

Don’t pay for boxes!

Paying for boxes can add up fast. Instead, try and get them from your work. If you’re doesn’t have a lot of boxes you can always try dumpster diving. I know that sounds weird, but tons of businesses through out clean boxes that are free!

Mix it up!

In your boxes that is. For heavens sake….don’t put all your books in one box. Your back will thank you later. Mix what’s in each box. Heavy and light objects in one box will keep you from hurting yourself later one. Bonus points if you label a heavy box “heavy”. Your friends will be very thankful they had a warning!

Write it out!

So you took my advice and mixed up what was in each box? Great, now write what’s in each box on the outside. This will help you first few nights when you’re trying to remember where you put your pillow cases or your favorite pair of shoes!

Free Time

If you can manage it, try and get at least one day off after the move. One, you’ll be tired, and Two, unpacking at your leisure is much easier. I moved on a Friday, and I took off until the following Monday. It gave me time to clean and relax! I definitely recommend it!

Don’t forget to take a deep breath and stay relaxed along the way! Moving can seem like a big hill to tackle but with some planning you’ll be okay! I always hate moving mattresses, what’s your least favorite part about moving?

Stay Sunny ❤


One thought on “Making Moving Less Stressful!

  1. Emily Donovan

    Great and very helpful tips! My sister is moving for first time soon and I’m sure she’ll be very glad to have your advises on mind. I’m definitely recommending this post to her and to some friends too. Thanks for sharing!



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