Vegetarian Spaghetti and “Meat” Sauce

Hey guys, gals and everyone else!
So, I experimented today with some ‘meat alternatives’! I decided to make spaghetti with a red meat sauce! So keep reading if you’re interested in the recipe.


Look at that gooo! Look at it!

Alright! So here are the ingredients!

IMG_2456I used Morning Star meat replacement crumbles. I’m sure there are other brands, but this one is just fine! I also picked out a protein pasta. I know it’s not in the spaghetti shape…but let’s be real. They all taste the same.

I also picked a bunch of spices and canned pasta sauce. The place I went didn’t have the usual diced tomatoes I use for regular spaghetti…so this will have to do.


I carmalized garlic in a pan and then added the meat substitute and warmed it as the directions say. Then I added the pasta sauce and seasoned as I normally would. I did decide to add green olives and vinegar later on. Basically this just keeps the sauce from being too sweet. I cooked the pasta as normal and made some buttered corn to go with it!

IMG_0043I’m obviously not very good with photography, forgive me!

The verdict?

The sauce tasted the same, but the texture was definitely different. The Morning Star product definitely was squishy in comparison to regular ground beef. I think if you fed this to children, they probably wouldn’t notice the difference. So, in the end, it was good-but it definitely wasn’t the same.

Anyone have other recipes they think Brenna or I would like? Let us know below!.

Stay Sunny ❤



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